1. The History Of Bed Bugs In The United States

AUGUST 15 2023 /

The History Of Bed Bugs In The United States

Did you ever think or even imagine that such a small, oval, flat-bodied insect about the size of an average apple seed could cause so much grief and problems?

This insect, known as a bed bug, cannot fly, yet they have spread throughout the world and will rapidly infest homes and commercial buildings.


When Bed Bugs Were discovered?

Bed bugs date back to Ancient Rome where they were creating issues throughout Asia and Europe. England began reporting bed bugs in the 1500’s.

During the 18th Century, bed bugs made their way onto American soil via ships arriving from Europe. By the 20th Century, most Americans had seen and been bitten by bed bugs. However, with diligence and the use of pesticides, bed bugs had almost been eliminated.


When Bed Bugs Became a Problem?

Unfortunately, the bed bug began making a resurgence, showing up in hotels and motels during the 1990’s. This resurgence has steadily increased; and today, the bed bug population has reached exponential numbers throughout America.

Much of this is a result of increased international travel. During this time, residual pesticide applications changed, allowing these hitchhiking bugs to travel safely and freely in luggage and clothing.

The third thing that has allowed this increased infestation is simply a lack of community awareness or knowledge of the bed bug and how they travel from place to place.


How Bed Bugs Spread So Easily?

Bed bugs are easily transported from place to place by simply attaching to luggage or clothing.

Upon arriving back home, the traveler has unknowingly allowed the bed bug a free ride into the comfort of his or her home. These bugs can hitch a ride with you through public transportation of planes, trains, and buses as well as overnight stays in motels and hotels.


How Can Keep Bed Bugs Away While I'm on Vacation?

There are a few things while traveling that one should do to lower the risk of bed bug infestation.

Upon checking into a motel, perform a thorough inspection of the room prior to setting down your luggage. Take the liberty of pulling back the bed linens and check closely all the way around the mattress, paying special attention to the ribbing and stitching areas.

In addition to looking for bugs, watch for blood stains or small black dots that look like pepper, both of which are signs of the presence of bed bugs.

Next, check the cushions and seams of couches or chairs. Contact the front desk the moment you see any sign or suspicion of bed bugs.


I Brought Bed Bugs to My Home, Now What?

In the unfortunate event that bed bugs come home with you, contact American Pest and let us resolve your bed bug issues.

Our highly trained professionals provide all levels of treatment regardless of the severity of infestation. In addition to conventional treatments, American Pest offers K-9 bed bug detection, and mattress encasement.

We have been providing bed bug control services since 1925 and are prepared to quickly eradicate them from your home.