1. The Truth About Bed Bugs In Maryland

FEBRUARY 23 2022 /

The Truth About Bed Bugs In Maryland

When it comes to bed bugs, it is easy to let fear take over. These are scary bugs.

There is something unsettling about an insect that hides in your bed, waits for you to go to sleep, and bites you repeatedly while you're sleeping.

It isn't surprising that the reappearance of bed bugs in the United States has created quite a reputation for these insects. But how bad are these blood-eating pests? Let's take a look.


Bed bugs can be in many places but probably aren't in most.

While bed bugs have been found in public libraries, these cases are few and far between.

You have little to fear when you go to draw a book out of the local library. But, since they have been found in libraries, it doesn't hurt to take a quick peek at the binder on hardback books.

It is true that bed bugs have been found in movie theaters but this is also a rare case, at least at the moment.

You shouldn't have to worry about going to the movies. It is, however, a prudent precaution to use the light on your smartphone to take a quick peek at your seat.

If you notice black patches, shed insect skins, tiny white eggs, or insects crawling on it, you may want to choose another place to watch your movie.

Bed bugs have been found infesting a wide range of businesses including almost all forms of public transportation.

But this doesn't mean you should stay inside and never go out. A quick check for signs of bed bugs can help you prevent these insects from coming home with you.


Until recently, there was no evidence that bed bugs spread any human pathogens.

There are many ways bugs can spread diseases to you.

⭐ They can pick harmful bacteria up from trash cans, sewers, dung piles, and other dirty places and bring that bacteria into your home.

⭐ They can contract organisms and incubate diseases inside their bodies, which they pass on to you by biting you.

⭐ They may have harmful venom that can cause serious illness or necrosis of the skin tissue.

⭐ They can pick up parasitic worms and contaminate foods with these invisible, or nearly invisible, organisms.

Bed bugs are a low threat for disease because they don't behave like other insects. They don't get into trash and sewers. They don't live outside homes. And they feed almost exclusively on humans.

That is the good news.

There is a little bad news, however. A recent study has shown that bed bugs are capable of spreading Chagas diseases. This is a disease with serious symptoms.

But, in order to spread Chagas disease, the bed bugs inside your home would have to bite someone who has the Chagas-causing bacterium, Trypanosoma cruzi in their body.

This makes them a poor vector for this disease. You are far more likely to get this disease from a kissing bug, which has the ability to fly.


Even the cleanest home in Maryland can have bed bugs.

If you're dealing with bed bugs in your residence, you don't have to be embarrassed or worried about letting someone know.

These bugs are not exclusive to people who are dirty. They will live anywhere they can get a blood meal.

They probably got this reputation for infesting dirty homes because they leave black excrement and dried blood stains on mattresses, box spring, and other infested items. But they don't always do this.

They can live in your alarm clock, television, outlet, baseboards, wall voids, crown molding and many more places.

Even if you have bed bugs living in your bed, the excrement and dried brown blood staining could be in between, underneath, or on the inside of these items.


Stop Worrying About Bed Bugs

There are many ways to detect bed bugs, several ways to stop them before they get into your home, and quick bed bug removal service available from American Pest if they ever do find a way to get in.

Bed bugs aren't as scary as you might think, but it is nice to have them removed quickly when they get in, so they can't inflict you with numerous bites.

Reach out to us today for service. We'll walk you through the process and get those bugs out of your Maryland home.