1. What are these tiny bugs I have in my Northern Virginia home?

FEBRUARY 22 2022 /

What are these tiny bugs I have in my Northern Virginia home?

If you are noticing what appears to be a tiny grayish speck that moves or jumps on your window sills or other areas, chances are, you have been invaded by springtails.

These six-legged arthropods are less than a half a millimeter long, which is about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. This means that in just one square yard of soil there may be over 10,000 of them.

As you may suspect, these creatures are called springtails for a reason.

The tail of a springtail has a unique feature that allows it to jump quickly. This tiny, two-pronged lever beneath its abdomen will flick and hurl the creature a full six inches into the air.

This would be like a human being jumping over the Eiffel tower!

A springtail must keep itself moist at all times, which is why they live in moist soil. But if they do start to dry out, they are equipped with a special grooming dispenser which contains fluid that they spread over their body to keep moisture in.

They even come equipped with two inflatable tubes that help them get at hard-to-reach places and help to flip them upright when they land on their backs.


Why have I been invaded with springtails?

If these fascinating creatures have found their way into your home, it is probably because you have a moisture issue.

Normally springtails stay in damp soil, but sometimes they get into homes and eat mold and fungus. If they have gotten in, have found a nice damp area, and food to eat they will begin multiplying.

Although these creatures do not sting or bite and don't cause damage, it can be quite disturbing to find thousands of them jumping around your home.

If you have discovered springtails inside your Northern Virginia home, here are some things you can try to get rid of them yourself.


How to Keep Springtails Away from your Home 

⭐ Trim back trees and bushes from the outside of your home. Springtails, insects, and rodents often use these as bridges to get to your walls or roofline.

⭐ Make sure all your gutters and downspouts are cleaned out and in good working order. Also, make sure water is directed several feet away from your foundation.

⭐ Create a bare zone around your home that is dry and free of debris such as leaves.

⭐ Stack firewood as far from the house as possible and make sure it is up off the ground.

⭐ Use a waterproofing compound on your basement walls.

⭐ Find damp areas in your home and dry them out by using fans and/or dehumidifiers.


There is no doubt that these tiny creatures are interesting, but they are not creatures you want invading your home.

If you have done everything you can and are still dealing with these little jumpers, it may be wise to consider calling a professional pest control company.

Here at American Pest, we are committed to improving the quality of life for all of our customers by providing safe effective pest removal and control. Let these fascinating creatures stay outside where they belong and enjoy a pest free home with help from American Pest.