1. Why Fungus Gnats Thrive In Our Home

FEBRUARY 22 2022 /

Why Fungus Gnats Thrive In Our Home

Fungus gnats are tiny black flies that are similar to mosquitoes. You will find them mostly inside your home around your houseplants.

The adult fungus gnat will only be about an 1/8" long, with long legs and antennae.

The larvae will look like small clear worms with a tiny black head capsule and sometimes travel together forming a snake-like chain.

These gnats, in particular, will breed rapidly in the damp soil and the larvae will feed on the fungus, algae and plant roots that are in the soil.

Around 200 gnat eggs can be laid during the female life-cycle. Sometimes fungus gnats can be mistaken for fruit flies because they are active all year long.


Why Fungus Gnats Are A Problem

Fungus Gnats thrive in our homes in and around our house plants. This is because the soil meets all of their needs, like a breeding ground for the females and food for the larvae.

They are attracted to damp rich soil and can be more common during the cooler months when plants are brought indoors and the days are shorter.

Fungus gnats are not dangerous to humans in any way, and they do not bite, sting or carry diseases.

The larvae, however, can eat plant roots and can do a lot of damage to the plants that may cause the plants to wither and die.


How To Get Rid Of Fungus Gnats

These gnats are a complete nuisance, as they can kill plants, they can multiply rapidly, and they are very difficult to get rid of unless you eliminate every single house plant that you own.

You can try to lessen the number of fungus gnats by carefully watering your plants only when necessary because overwatering will produce perfect conditions that the gnats will be attracted to.

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