1. Why Silverfish Invade Homes In The Fall


Why Silverfish Invade Homes In The Fall

If you have ever stepped out of your shower and stepped on a silverfish, then you know how creepy these alien-looking insects can be. And there's a reason they are often seen in bathrooms. Silverfish love humid areas and are especially fond of dark kitchen cupboards, laundry rooms, basements, bathroom sinks, and bathtubs. And they do not hibernate, so they are active all year round.


Silverfish, also referred to as fishmoths, urban silverfish, or carpet sharks, are tiny insects with a slender, flattened body which is about 1/2 to 1 inch long. Its body is light gray and blue and shimmery, which gives it a silvery tint. The silver appearance and the idea that it can move in a sort of fish-like manner is likely how it got its name. These creatures are not only creepy, but they can also be damaging to belongings.

Items Silverfish Are Known To Damage

  • Old photos: If you have old photos stored away, you should be concerned. Many old photos have been defaced by these insects who feed on polysaccharides.

  • Wallpaper: Silverfish love to eat the paste off the back of wallpaper. This causes unsightly sags and bulges and can end up putting a dent in your wallet if you have to re-paper or paint where the damage has been done.

  • Books: Silverfish don't discriminate between throw-away books or books that have been in your family for generations. They just like to eat away at the glue in book bindings.

  • Fabrics: These slithery critters can be destructive to many fabrics, including cotton, linen, silk and even leather. They are especially drawn to fabrics that have adhesives, starches or food particles spilled on them.

  • Pantry items: Silverfish love getting into packages, which can expose food product to the air and make them spoil or go stale. Even worse, open the items up to other pantry pests to enter, feed, and even breed. 


Why Are Silverfish Getting Into Your Home?

Silverfish, like termites, are moisture pests. They are drawn to moisture. If your home has broken or obstructed gutters, leaky spigots, vegetation against your home that keeps moisture up against your foundation, or any other condition that keeps things moist, then silverfish will be drawn to your home.

Therefore, they are more likely to seek shelter from the elements when temperatures begin to drop. So, if they find any gaps or cracks in your foundation or walls, then they will likely find a way in. Once inside, if they find areas of moisture and humidity, and sources of food (like those tasty photos and wallpaper) then they will be happy to stick around.

If you are experiencing silverfish in your home, there is a simple way to take care of them. Simply reach out to the pest experts at American Pest. We will explain how our residential pest control programs can help you get rid of silverfish, and keep them away for good.