1. Why Yellow Jackets Are Still Stinging In Virginia

FEBRUARY 25 2022 /

Why Yellow Jackets Are Still Stinging In Virginia

In Virginia, the two stinging insects to watch out for most are yellow jackets and paper wasps.

While yellow jackets and paper wasps can look alike, depending on the species, there are some distinct differences between these two stinging pests. Paper wasps always create aerial nests.

These are those umbrella-shaped, grey nests that eventually turn into large ovals.

Yellow jackets are more likely to build a nest in the ground or in a tree cavity.

They'll also build nests in the voids of homes and businesses. This tendency to building concealed and protected nests can make yellow jackets a problem for property owners long after paper wasps have become dormant.

Are you seeing yellow jackets in your home?

Since yellow jackets establish their nests in the voids of man-made structures, it is possible to find one of these stinging pests inside your home.

The obvious reason this might happen is that a worker wasp can find a hole, which gives it access to your common areas, from the void its nest is in.

It may also come in by first going out. That is to say, while it is out searching for food in your yard, it may come into your home through a door or window as it works its way back to its nest inside your walls.


What Can You Do About Yellow Jackets?

Whether you have a nest inside your voids or somewhere in your yard, your first defense against yellow jackets is to guard your doors and windows.

Keep doors open for short periods of time and make sure all window and door screens are in good working condition.

If you see one yellow jacket in your home, it is possible that is got in through a door or window, but when you start seeing more than one yellow jacket, you may have a nest in your walls.

The easiest solution is to call a professional for a detailed inspection.


Yellow Jackets Can Sting Multiple Times

If you happen upon a yellow jacket nest, the best way to avoid getting stung is to slowly move away from the nest, when yellow jackets are agitated they are drawn to fast movements.

Yellow jackets have a barbed stinger and have the potential to sting multiple times, inflicting more pain and welts with each sting. While very painful, for most people a yellow jacket sting causes no significant health risks.


DIY Stinging Insects Precautions

If you choose to inspect your home on your own, be sure to wear protective clothing on your body and head and refrain from swinging your arms as much as possible.

Fast movements cause yellow jackets to become aggressive. When searching, look for openings that have yellow jacket activity around them and listen for buzzing sounds in walls.

The best solution for a yellow jacket infestation is the removal of the nest and should be done by a trained individual. 


Why you Should Call a Professional 

When you have a trusted pest control technician deal with nest removal there are a few things you can count on.

Your technician will attempt to resolve your problem, using non-chemical means first.

If chemicals are needed, you can be sure that your technician will use EPA-approved products and follow well-established protocols for administering those products.

Once the nest is removed, you can expect your technician to perform a detailed inspection to be sure there are no more nests on or inside your property.

What is a trusted pest control technician? You are probably aware that all pest control companies are not the same.

When dealing with any pest problem, it is important to choose a company that holds to a high standard.

⭐ Companies that apply Integrated Pest Management (IPM) are committed to smart, eco-friendly solutions first.

⭐ Companies that are QualityPro-Certified by the National Pest Management Association have gone through a strict auditing process and have shown excellence, not only in pest control methods and deployment, but also in business operations, customers relations, and environmental stewardship.

⭐ Companies that have on-staff entomologist show their commitment to education. After all, who better to take care of an insect infestation than someone who has committed themselves to studying insects?


Why American Pest

For assistance with nest removal or a detailed inspection in D.C., Maryland, or Northern Virginia, reach out to American Pest.

We've been helping home and business owners resolve pest problems for over 90 years and we're armed with a team of over 100 expertly trained pest professionals.


Best of all, the American Pest team is QualityPro Certified.

That means you can expect a qualified, experienced, and friendly pest control professional to show up at your door to resolve your pest control problem. When it comes to dealing with yellow jackets, this is the best way to go. Every time.