1. Why You Shouldn’t Try to Treat Rodent Infestations Alone

FEBRUARY 02 2022 /

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Treat Rodent Infestations Alone

If you're currently dealing with a rodent infestation, you probably want to understand how rodents got into your home.

If rodents haven't gotten into it yet, you may have come here wondering how to keep them out or you may be looking for tips for rat and mouse prevention.

Our blog is a great place to find strategies for managing rodents and other pest threats. Today, we're going to talk about the pitfalls of trying to treat rodents on your own.

What Works, Doesn't Always Work

There are many articles on the internet, written by experts in the fields of zoology and pest management, that provide trustworthy information about how to remove both mice and rats.

But there a few problems that arise when untrained individuals attempt to take this information and apply it to their rodent control problem:

⭐ You might know that monitoring for rodents is what pest professionals do, but there are few resources on the internet that describe how this is done properly.

It isn't that experts don't want to share this information with you, it is just that there is too much information to share in a short article.

Pest professionals are trained to use a wide range of strategies to detect the presence of mice and rats in a man-made structure and these strategies must be employed properly to achieve successful results.


⭐ You might know that pest management professionals use traps to capture and remove rodents, but mice and rats don't make it easy for you to trap them.

Rodents have many defensive behaviors that help them avoid most traps.

Professionals are trained in the proper placement of traps and are given the insight needed to use the behavior of rodents against them.


⭐ All traps are not created equal. While the advice to use traps to capture rodents is sound, choosing the wrong trap will render this advice useless.

Professionals use products that are field tested and known to be the most effective.

The team at American Pest goes one step further. We deploy advanced Anticimex SMART technologies to capture mice with zero impact on the environment.


What Doesn't Work, Never Works

There are a lot of "experts" on the internet who aren't experts at all. Some of those "experts" are simply trying to drive web traffic to their website.

There is no way of knowing how qualified these "experts" are.

So, when you go to a webpage that looks professional, it is not a good idea to assume that the writer knows what he or she is talking about. Look for credentials.

At American Pest, we make it easy for visitors to know that our team is one of the best in the industry by proudly displaying the GreenPro and QualityPro seals on our site.

These seals are only given to pest control companies that pass rigorous 3rd-party auditing performed by the National Pest Management Association.

If you don't look for credentials, you could find yourself applying rodent control that doesn't work at all to stop the actual infestation.

This will leave you dealing with all of the many dangers that come with having mice or rats in your home such as sickness, damaged building materials, damaged belongings, ticks and fleas, the smell of urine, and a distinct risk of house fire.

What Just Works

If you live in Maryland, Washington DC or Northern Virginia, you can trust the team at American Pest to give you a complete solution for your rodent problem. If you live outside of our service area, search for a pest control company that offers a similar solution:

⭐ Detailed inspections performed by a licensed pest control professional.

⭐ Exclusion services to make sure new mice and rats don't come in and replace the rodents that were removed. This should include a combination of caulk, copper wire mesh, and foam products.

⭐ Your pest professional should install tamper-proof bait stations.

⭐ Interior and exterior rodent treatments to ensure complete control.

⭐ Follow-up visits built right into the plan. Mice and rat infestation are rarely solved with one visit. It is a process. If your pest control provider tells you otherwise, don't trust them to handle your rodent control.


Best Solution For Rodent Infestations

When mice and rats get into your home, they can present many threats. Use a solution that works to eliminate that threat and seal those rodents out.

If you live in our extensive service area, you can get started by requesting a free pest control estimate. We'll send a licensed and certified professional right to your front door. It is just that easy.