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1. How do Anticimex SMART devices from American Pest work?

Our devices use similar sensors to soap dispensers and sinks. SMART devices use PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensing technology programmed to detect rodent movement. Our SMART Snaps will also catch the rodents that enter the device. We respect your privacy, so our technology does not use any video or audio recording.

2. How does the sensor send a signal to American Pest?

All the devices installed in your home have sensors that communicate to a central unit. Only that central unit is connected to a regular power outlet. Activated sensors will send signals to that unit, which will transmit that information to the American Pest team over your local cellular network.

3. Do I have to have wifi or other internet access for SMART devices to work?

Not at all. The central unit will be installed in a location that can use existing cellular networks. You do not have to change any of your home connectivity features.

4. What if there’s a power outage?

Your devices have a backup battery that should keep the SMART system working until power is restored. We will contact you if we notice a disruption in communication.

5. Is SMART safe for people and pets?

Absolutely! Our SMART systems are eco-friendly and do not use any poisons or other chemicals to operate.


6. Should I move a device if I see activity somewhere else?

Call American Pest if you have any questions. Touching or relocating the devices yourself can prevent them from working correctly.


7. I’m moving to another home. Can I take the SMART devices with me?

The Anticimex SMART devices from American Pest are programmed to your current home layout and will require reinstallation at your new home. Call American Pest to arrange for one of our pest professionals to remove the SMART devices from your old home and to schedule a new walkthrough.

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