1. Spotted Lanternflies

What is a Spotted Lanternfly?

The spotted lanternfly is an invasive species that poses a significant threat in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Adults are about 1 inch in length with light brown forewings with black spots, hind wings that are mainly red with black spots, and sometimes you can see some yellow on the body. 

Their presence has prompted numerous counties across several states to enforce quarantines to curb their spread. These insects are voracious feeders, targeting a wide array of plant species and impacting industries such as vineyards, timber, and agriculture. Unlike native pests, spotted lanternflies inflict unparalleled economic and property damage, underscoring the urgency of professional pest control intervention upon sighting.

Why do I have Spotted Lanternflies?

Spotted Lanternflies were originally detected in Pennsylvania in 2014 and are thought to have been introduced from Southeast Asia around 2012. Since then, they have proliferated to over seven states, including New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

These plant parasites exhibit a broad palate, with observations of them feeding on more than 70 plant species. Among their preferred hosts are tree-of-heaven, grapes, hops, hardwood trees, and fruit trees. Furthermore, there are concerns that they may transmit plant diseases. The sheer numbers of spotted lanternflies feeding simultaneously can severely weaken plants and trees, stunting growth and, in severe cases, resulting in plant death. This poses grave threats to industries like forestry, viticulture, orchards, and landscaping.

How to Get Rid of Spotted Lanternfly

Combatting spotted lanternflies in Maryland, DC, and Virginia requires collective effort. Should you encounter a spotted lanternfly, immediate action is crucial. Simply stomping on them can help mitigate their spread.

While certain pest control products can effectively eliminate spotted lanternflies upon contact, achieving lasting control is challenging. These pests reproduce rapidly, replenishing their numbers within days, necessitating repeated applications. Consequently, utilizing most over-the-counter solutions for spotted lanternfly control is not advisable. Instead, addressing spotted lanternfly populations is best entrusted to professional pest control companies such as American Pest.

How to Destroy Spotted Lanternfly Eggs

Spotted Lanternflies prefer to lay their eggs on a host tree but may also lay them on other flat surfaces like buildings, fences, vehicles, etc. Spotted lanternfly eggs are usually in groups of 30-50 and are coated in a gray wax. When dried that wax can look similar to a splash of mud. 

If discovered, scraped the egg mass from the surface and place into a plastic bag with hand sanitizer or alcohol.

spotted lanternfly egg massSpotted Lanternfly egg masses are typically about 1 inch long and 3/4 of an inch wide. 

dried spotted lanternfly egg mass with spotted lanternflies
Here you can see a spotted lanternfly egg mass with some spotted lanternflies and you can see it can be easily missed. Once dried spotted lanternfly egg masses look like light grayish splotches of mud, mortar, or cement.

How to Report Spotted Lanternfly Sightings

If you think you have found spotted lanternflies, you can report to the state appropriately. It's recommended to take photos when spotted so you can submit with report later. 

Report Spotted Lanternflies in Maryland

Report Spotted Lanternflies in Virginia

Common Questions About Spotted Lanterflies

What to do when you find a spotted lanternfly

Stomp on it, report it to the state, then call a pest professional like American Pest that is offering spotted lanternfly services.

How soon can you get here?

At American Pest, we pride ourselves on our speed and level of service. For that reason, we make every effort to make sure we can arrive the same or the very next day.

Is the treatment safe?

Every product used by American Pest has first been extensively tested by the EPA and is registered for pest control use. Only then do we apply it following a strict set of guidelines for use around humans and pets.





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