1. 3 Signs You Are Inviting Termites In Your House

FEBRUARY 23 2022 /

3 Signs You Are Inviting Termites In Your House

American Pest and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) are working to spread public awareness about termites during Termite Awareness Week, March 11-17, 2018.

In honor of this annual observance, American Pest is taking the opportunity to educate homeowners of ways they could be attracting a termite nest in house.


Termites In House Can Be Expensive

Termites often cause damage without anyone knowing until it’s too late.

In fact, NPMA states that “termite infestations cause more than $5 billion in property damage each year — an expense typically not covered by homeowners’ insurance policies.”

If you are concerned about termites in house, it is important to make your home and property less attractive to the wood destroying pests before spring hits and termites with wings emerge.


3 Things That Could Be Attracting Termite Nest In House:

⭐ Storing firewood too close to the home

It is common for homeowners to stack firewood against the house or building for easy access. 

However, termites are attracted to wood and can even provide them with an entry point. It is recommended that you store wood at least 20 feet away from the building and at least 5 inches off the ground.

But that’s not all, even dead tree stumps in the yard will attract termites. This is a perfect example of rotting wood material that serves as termite fuel for an entire colony!


⭐ Not cleaning your gutters

We understand that it doesn’t seem like a task worth doing every year. However, it just takes 1 section of a clogged gutter to cause water to pool and fill your insulation with moisture that termites love.

Be sure to clean your gutters at least every spring and fall to ensure they are clear of debris and leaves that often cause them to clog.


⭐ Mulch around home foundation

Many homeowners will place mulch around the foundation of their home to place bushes, flowers, and more.

However, mulch retains moisture, which attracts these wood destroying pest, and if placed right up against the foundation of your home you are asking for a termite infestation.


Discover Termite Signs?

If you discover any signs like termite tubes, winged termites, or you suspect an infestation contact American Pest.

Our pest professionals are trained to access the problem and recommend a proper treatment. Termite treatment cost may seem expensive, however, in comparison to the cost of repairing termite damage, it’s minimal.