1. 6 Tips to Keep Mice Out of Your Office

MARCH 02 2022 /

6 Tips to Keep Mice Out of Your Office

We admit it, mice are sort of cute. They have tiny paws and tiny faces and look awfully charming when photographed.

That being said, mice can cause major damage and spread serious diseases. When you think about that aspect, they get a whole lot less cute.

Mice are opportunistic so if it seems like a suitable home, they will gladly set up house at your place of business.

Follow these tips and share them with your coworkers to avoid the pitter patter of office mice!


6 Tips to Keep Mice Away from Your Office

⭐ Keep food sealed up tightly

Don’t be embarrassed, we know there’s a candy stash near your desk. There’s nothing wrong with noshing a little at your desk (the fact that your keyboard has more germs on it than the average toilet seat is another matter).

But be sure to keep the crumbs to a minimum and whatever you store at work needs to be sealed in containers made of heavy plastic, metal or glass. Flimsy plastic baggies are asking to be gnawed through by little mice teeth.


⭐ Seal Entry Points 

Mice are small creatures that can find their way into your office through any connection between buildings, such as water pipes or cables.

They might also come in if there's an open door for them! Make sure you inspect the area and seal any entry point you found.


⭐ Starve them out

If you want to keep the mouse from taking over your office, it's important that their food source is cut off. 

Mice need small insects as well as protein sources, so make sure there isn't any insectivore activity in or near where humans eat/work - especially early morning before everyone gets back from lunch!

If possible use plastic dishes instead anything metal when eating.



The process of setting bait is often used as a control measure by homeowners, but it's also an effective tool in determining pest pressures within offices

This is an important step in controlling pest pressures inside offices. However, it's best left up to the professionals with their experience and knowledge of how these creatures behave behind closed doors!


⭐ Tidy up nightly

Mice are nocturnal which means they will forage when the office is dark and quiet. They will be attracted to any food remnants left in the waste basket so be sure those are emptied regularly.


⭐ Keep things organized

Clutter is prime housing for mice. Unlike rats, mice prefer to set up house indoors and an underused corner of the stock room that has been left to gather junk just may be the perfect place for a mouse to live.

Keeping extra clutter around not only makes it easy for mice to move in, but it makes it more difficult for pest control professionals, like your buds at American Pest, to inspect and treat the office when you need professional help.


Get a Professional Mice Extermination for your Business

American Pest is a pest control company that provides services to keep your office free of mice.

We use modern integrated methods and advanced protocols for inspection, monitoring, baiting and trapping treatment as well as preventing infestation by pests in offices through our SMART system which tracks their activity 24/7 so you can rest assured knowing they're not around anymore!