1. Rodent Control

Having a Rodent Control for Businesses in MD, DC, and VA is as important as your customer service team, problems in your business are a surefire way to limit production, lose money and turn away clients. If rats or mice are a problem, American Pest has the solution! Our traditional rodent treatment or our SMART solutions ensures that your business stays free of rodents.  

Anticimex SMART technology is engineered to monitor, trap, and prevent rodent outbreaks in all types of organizations. Using electronic traps, digital sensors, and cameras we can determine how, when, and where rodents are a problem in your business and eliminate them with minimal or no use of pesticides.

These devices are constantly monitoring and instantly reacting to rodent activity, preventing costly pest infestations in an environmentally friendly way that we can really get behind. It’s ideal for use in food processing and manufacturing plants, as well as in and around apartment blocks, hospitals, schools, government properties, and many other areas.

Our Approach To Rodent Control For Businesses in MD, DC and VA


Step #1 Inspection

During our initial visit, we’ll send one of our licensed pest control professionals to your business. He or she will provide a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior, paying special attention to where mice or rats can access the facility.


Step #2 Seal Off Entry Points 

Next, we’ll seal off any rodent entry points that we locate during our initial inspection, utilizing a combination of materials from caulk, to copper wire mesh, to expanding foam. Rest assured, we’ll tell you if we discover a gaping hole or construction-related issue that we can’t seal.

Step #3 Installation of Rodent Bait Station  

Once entry points are sealed from the exterior, it is a necessary part of any successful rodent treatment plan to maintain mice and rat populations from the exterior, utilizing a specialized and tamper-resistant bait station. And not to worry, the safety of people and pets is our number one priority!

Step #4 Interior/Exterior Rodent Treatment  

During this key stage of treatment, our licensed pest control professionals will use a combination of products proven effective to treat mice and rats where they are active inside your business. Speak to our representatives to discuss the options that will work best for you.

Step #5 Follow-up Inspection & Treatment 

We understand that multiple treatments are a necessary factor in the complete eradication of mice or rats from inside your business – which is why we’ve built them into our service plans. 

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