1. Bird Control

Locating qualified bird control and deterrent services for your commercial property is simplified by our team of bird control experts at American Pest. In Washington D.C. and surrounding areas, our authorized installers deliver solutions to get rid of nuisance birds that roost on rooftops and ledges safely, effectively, and humanely.

At American Pest, we understand that the safe and cost-effective upkeep of your business is of the utmost importance.

Birds often get in the way of effective property management as they can cause damage from roosting, and erosion, and disease from feces.

Our bird control for businesses services targets several nuisance birds in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland such as starlings, pigeons, and sparrows. American Pest’s commercial bird control services are compliant with all state, federal, and local regulatory wildlife sanctions, so you can feel confident that our qualified individuals will solve your bird problems safely and humanely. Getting rid of birds in and around your business is best achieved at the hands of a professional.

Our Proven Commercial Bird Control Process

STEP # 1 Thorough Inspection

A professional bird control technician will perform a thorough inspection of all of the outdoor spaces on your commercial property to identify nuisance bird habitats. 

STEP #2 Assessment of Treatment Options 

We provide comprehensive solutions to your bird problem, such as bird spikes, netting, exclusion services, air curtains, discreet overnight and after close of business services, mechanical traps, baiting, and more. Your technician will work with you to determine what works best for you and your business.

STEP #3 Continous Monitoring 

With our Pest Free Pledge, you’ll never be worried about birds disrupting your property again. Here at American Pest, we provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance of bird control systems. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that if the birds return, so will we.

How Can Birds Hurt Your Business Brand?

The damage that birds cause really comes down to one thing: what can they get into? Birds will scavenge through your trash throwing food and debris all over the place and causing contamination of the area.

While most birds in the wild are fairly shy of human proximity, urban birds can be downright impudent in their effort to grab a meal. These birds will hang around even regularly trafficked areas leaving unsightly droppings on and around buildings, sidewalks, walkways, eaves, ledges and window sills.

Pest birds can build nests in some very inconvenient locations, and in their attempts to navigate interior spaces they have been known to get caught in machinery and cause jams and damage to ventilation systems and chimneys. Most frequently in industrial spaces, you will find nests in rafters, awnings, and lighting, often right above a work or storage area with valuable items. As a reputable company, you don’t want to take the risk of any of the repercussions of pest bird problems.


How can American Pest Control a Bird Problem?

The only solid solution for eradicating bird infestations of any size is to use a professional pest control company that has experience with commercial clients and their unique needs. If you operate or own a business in DC, Northern Virginia, or Maryland, American Pest can develop a tailored program specifically for your business.  

We can assess your company’s needs and come up with a plan that fits your budget. We offer a variety of bird control services that include bird baiting, spikes, netting, post and wire, and shock tracks that will make your business unattractive to problem birds. This will discourage the urban birds from taking shelter outside or around your structure. For interior problem birds, we resolve those issues with netting and baiting techniques. Our bird control programs are designed to deter birds from your business area.

American Pest is here to help your business prevent harmful bird and other pest infestations that can cut into profitability and even damage your reputation. We know how to assist business owners and operators in resolving all bird problems, and no problem is too big or too small. We have over 85 year's experience in commercial pest control and have protected some our nation's most illustrious buildings from pest infestations.

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