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Professional Bed Bug Control Services for Your Business

Bed bug infestations happen suddenly and grow rapidly. Finding the best bed bug treatment for businesses in MD is made easy by our team of bud bug treatment experts at American Pest. Our licensed professionals have been providing hotels, offices, apartments, condos, and co-ops in Washington D.C. with quality pest control services for nearly a century.

We understand that businesses depend on brand reputation and that a bed bug problem can get in the way of efficiently managing your property. Increased turnover, the threat of a lawsuit and the effect bed bug problems have on your bottom line is the making of a nightmare.

Worse yet, disgruntled tenants may decide to take matters into their own hands, adding costly damages and spreading bed bugs into adjacent areas. Whether your bed bug issues are contained or widespread, our team can work with you to develop a bed bug control solution that suits your facility and your budget. 

At American Pest, our professional bed bug treatments are engineered to help business owners and property managers get rid of bed bugs and keep their brands intact.

Our Approaches To Bed Bug Control For Businesses in MD, DC, and VA


Visual Inspection

American Pest will dispatch a pest control technician to your home to determine if bed bugs are present and if so, evaluate the severity of the infestation.  This type of bed bug inspection typically takes 20 minutes to an hour and is limited by where the technician can see.  He or she will inspect beds, furniture, and other visible areas for live bugs and other signs of bed bugs.

professional bed bug inspection

professional bed bug inspection

K-9 Bed Bug Detection 

Unlike human inspection, canines are not limited by where they can see. Their powerful nose can detect live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs that are in visible areas as well as ones hidden beneath carpet, behind baseboards, and in cluttered areas. 

Bed Bug Monitoring Devices 

Bed bugs naturally avoid danger. If you lay down the wrong product, you could drive bed bugs deep into your walls where they will come back out from time to time to feed on you. We can perform ongoing monitoring for bed bugs and an application of targeted treatments over the course of several weeks

Conventional Liquid Spray Treatment  

Conventional liquid treatments are ideal for smaller infestations and infestations that haven’t spread throughout the house. They typically require two to three treatments and/or follow-up visits to ensure full eradication.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment 

With our specialized mobile heating units, we are able to raise the temperature of your structure to between 120°F to 135°F without placing your property in danger. By supporting this treatment option with other bed bug control methods as needed, we have the highest level of success in all of the many environments we treat.

Pest Control for Every Type of Pest

Why Call American Pest for Commercial Bed Bug Treatment 

When you choose American Pest, you get the highest level of bed bug control for your business in MD. Our team includes board-certified entomologists who understand the behavioral patterns of bed bugs and how to counteract their natural defenses to rid your home of these tormenting pests. From beginning to end, we apply the most advanced methods and products to give you the level of treatment required.

K-9 bed bug inspectors may be used or an inspection may be performed by a human inspector, depending on your specific situation. High-end heat remediation may be the solution or your technician might suggest a mixture of bed bug control methods. Which strategies are used will be determined by your licensed technician based on their experienced observations and attention to your individual needs. There are many misconceptions about bed bugs, so it is best to seek professional advice and instruction.
Do you need bed bug service or an expert to confirm an infestation within your home? We can help. Reach out to American Pest for immediate assistance.

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