1. Avoid Ants in 5 Easy Steps

MARCH 03 2022 / HOME

Avoid Ants in 5 Easy Steps

Discovering an ant infestation around your Maryland home can be a real pain.

You see one, but then discover a whole trail of them marching one by one through your kitchen.

DIY treatment may seem effective, however, if you miss just one ant, you didn't stop the infestation.


Learn how to avoid ants this summer with these 5 easy steps. 

1. Seal Your Home Exterior

Ants gain access to your home through an entry point. This could be a small crack or hole on the exterior that you wouldn't even notice until you are looking for it.

Check and seal any cracks or holes in areas like foundation, window screens, vents, door frames, etc. 1 hole can give access to hundreds of ants and other insects.


2. Indoor and Outdoor Organization

Avoid ant colonies by preventing clutter around the home.

Ants are looking for an easy meal and a cozy shelter, so preventing these could play a huge role in avoiding the little insects.

When organizing outdoors start by keeping sand, and dirt piles away from the home. 


3. Sealed Food 

As mentioned earlier, ants that invade homes are looking for an easy meal.

So, the crumbs that are left on the counter, or the pet food that is already in a bowl and served to them are easy targets.

Keep food in sealed containers to prevent the pesky ants from getting into your pantry!


4. Reduce Moisture

Ants are also looking for a water source. That's why they are commonly found in the bathroom where the moisture is high and finding a water source is easy.

Dehumidifiers can be found ranging in prices, however, they could drastically help you keep the moisture in your home low.

Dehumidifiers in areas like the basement could help prevent not only ants but also a variety of other pests. 


 5. Clean Home

Keeping things clean around your home is understandably difficult sometimes.

However, it will make a difference in the number of pests you encounter. Keeping your kitchen clean and your food sealed are extremely important.

While the amount of sugar you spilled may seem like nothing, the ants will love it and return for more in the future.

Ants could even be accessing your trash can for food, while it's not on your counter, it is easy for them to get to. So make sure to keep your home clean and take your trash out regularly. 


Already Discovered an Ant Infestation?

If your home has already been invaded by ants, call a pest professional. DIY and over the counter treatments may seem easier, however, they cannot stop the pests as well we the highly trained pest specialists here at American Pest.

Our team is certified to help you plan and organize your best options in eliminating any pest infestation you may be confronted with.

Not only will we stop your current infestation, we can help prevent future pest problems. Contact American Pest today for help in stopping and avoiding ants.