1. Avoiding Bed Bugs on Black Friday

MARCH 02 2022 /

Avoiding Bed Bugs on Black Friday

Once Thanksgiving dinner is completed, and everyone has had their post-meal-naps, many people take the opportunity to start planning their Black Friday Shopping Spree.

Black Friday is a great time to start your Christmas shopping. However, with the massive amount of people going in and out of stores, it is easy for bed bugs to catch a ride to the store.

If bed bugs do make their way to a store, it'll be just as easy for them to hitch a ride home with you on your purse, or even the items you just got a great deal on! Use these tips to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you this Black Friday!


Signs of bed bug activity includes: 

  • Bed Bugs(eggs, nymphs, or adults)
  • Shed Skins/Exoskeleton
  • Feces Spots
  • Blood Smears


Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs While Shopping:


Check inside and outside of clothing.

Be sure to check the entire item for bed bugs or signs and keep an eye on the clothing rack as well. clothing racks are often hollow and full of holes giving bed bugs a ton of hiding places.

After purchase, be sure to immediately put the items through a full wash and dry cycle on high heat to ensure that any hitchhikers are eliminated before they infest your home.


Keep your purse, bags, and clothing off of fitting room floors and stools. 

Hang items on hooks and check the mirror and the rest of the fitting room area for signs of bed bugs. If you see any signs of bed bugs, inform an attendant and ask for a different fitting room. 


Thoroughly inspect furniture.

When shopping for furniture, many people will test it out by sitting or laying on it. This makes it easy for furniture to become infested in waiting rooms, furniture stores, and more.

Be sure to thoroughly examine the furniture for signs mentioned earlier. Paying special attention to creases, between cushions, and any furniture that someone may sleep in.

For example, the comfy chairs in the middle of the mall that dads like to nap on while mom finishes her shopping.


Wash and clean your belongings as soon as you get home.

Once you are done shopping be sure to immediately wash and dry any clothes, clean and vacuum any furniture, and inspect purses/bags. This is an important step in avoiding bringing a bed bug infestation home.

If you are concerned that you have a bed bug infestation, simply call the pest experts at American Pest and request an inspection. You can also visit our website to check out our bed bug services and learn more about the process that our Ph.D. Entomologists have designed for maximum success in eliminating the pesky pests.