1. Financial Impact Bed Bugs Are Having On Business


Financial Impact Bed Bugs Are Having On Business

When it comes to fighting bed bugs, it seems that few businesses are exempt. These tormenting pests are turning up in some of the most unlikely places, such as libraries and retail outlets.

And, when bed bugs appear, they always come with a cost. While the financial numbers and statistical percentages may vary slightly between studies and between industries, the overall data shows that these bugs are a significant and costly problem that no business owner should ever ignore.

If you own or manage a business, here are some of the ways bed bugs can affect your bottom line.


No one likes being bitten by bed bugs, and some are willing to take the matter to court. When they do, it can lead to legal fees and reparations. That is why many businesses are taking extra precautions to make sure they are doing everything necessary to avoid fault.

Litigation can happen to any business. While more and more states are adopting rules for landlords and tenants, other industries are playing catch up.

So, if you are not a property manager, it is vital to invest in ongoing bed bug control service to prevent infestations and the litigation that can arise.

Property Damage and Loss Of Life

In large structures, such as apartment complexes or senior living centers, where many residents dwell together, a bed bug plan can prevent property damage and the loss of human life. These insects drive rational people to take irrational measures to get rid of them.

This alone is dangerous, but when combined with residual DIY treatments, such as the use of rubbing alcohol, this can lead to catastrophic results.

Employee Morale

Bed bugs don't just affect customers. They can impact your employees as well. If your employees aren't reassured that you're taking steps to protect them from bed bugs, morale is going to drop. And low morale is never good for the finances of a business.

Damaged Reputation

As more and more people are turning to reviews as a means of determining where they're going to spend their hard-earned money, it is an ever-increasing responsibility of businesses to prevent bad reviews from occurring.

Having a bed bug plan will not only decrease the likelihood of an infestation, but it also contains protocols that help to reassure customers that everything is okay, even in the case of a bite event. Most people understand that bed bugs are hard to control because they are hitchhiking bugs.

When these insects appear, customers will usually be okay as long as they believe your business has everything under control.

A Proactive Bed Bug Response Plan

Research shows that business owners are becoming more aware of the risks associated with bed bugs and they're doing something about it. One study revealed that more than 80% of hotel owners and managers agree that it is less expensive to prevent bed bugs than it is to treat bed bug problems. We agree.

At American Pest, our team is one of the best in the business. we use cutting-edge bed bug inspection methods such as K-9 bed bug inspectors to quickly and effectively find and target bed bugs in all stages of development.

From initial inspections to final inspections, dogs are the secret weapon we use to make sure our commercial customers are protected.

At American Pest, we understand that we can't always be there to protect you. That is why we help you get your employees up to speed on bed bug detection.

Each and every person on your staff has the potential to prevent an infestation--and all of the financial problems that can result. Your employees are also your frontline defense against unhappy customers and bad reviews. We'll help you make sure you have the answers you need.

If bed bugs are found, infestations are controlled through a wide range of methods that are appropriate for the level of infestation uncovered.

For more information about the threat of bed bugs, or to set up service for your business, reach out to American Pest. We've been serving D.C., MD, and NOVA businesses with industry-leading commercial pest control for over 90 years.

We look forward to assisting you with this important matter.