1. High Pest Alert! German Cockroach Prevalence During Summer Months In MD, Nova, & DC


High Pest Alert! German Cockroach Prevalence During Summer Months In MD, Nova, & DC

"They can sense humidity in the air," says Wayne White, Board Certified at American Pest. “When it’s warm and steamy, German cockroach populations explode.”

German cockroaches have a tendency to thrive when heat and humidity are at their worst, which means that properties of all types are at an increased risk of infestation during an extended warm temperature period.

This small, light brown to tan cockroach species typically infests kitchens and bathrooms, but will get comfortable anywhere food, water and shelter are present.

Intolerant of the cold, German cockroaches feed on human food, pet food, toothpaste, soap, glue, and many other typical items found among multi-housing communities. They are most active at night—retreating to their hiding spots during the day—making it easy to miss the size of a significant infestation.

If seen in high numbers during the day, one can expect a troublesome infestation that may take weeks to months to eliminate. Not only are German cockroaches difficult to eradicate, but they also contaminate food with their waste and saliva which contains bacteria that can cause food poisoning, diarrhea, staph infections, and asthma.

Why are they infesting my property?

  They may have been brought into your property inside grocery bags, cardboard boxes, drink cartons and         other infested items that have not been inspected

  They found harborage near a source of food and water, such as near sinks, behind cabinets, under                 stoves and refrigerators

  Cockroaches often travel between units through wall voids, plumbing, and electrical fixtures

  Cluttered, hot and moist locations provide ample conditions for cockroaches to thrive

What Can My Team Do Now?

Controlling cockroaches is a challenge for anyone and property managers are no exception. Follow these simple tips to help reduce the risk of infestations in your buildings, keeping your occupants happy and pest-free this summer:

  1. Encourage your residents to inspect items before bringing them into their apartments, offices, or shared spaces. This includes food products and shipments of household goods. Items purchased second-hand are especially at risk for German cockroaches (and bed bugs).
  2. Make sure that units and offices have limited clutter and that food is being stored properly in sealed containers.
  3. Ensure that units are kept clean from spilled food residue, pet food, and human or pet waste.
  4. Inspect kitchens and bathrooms regularly for signs of cockroaches. Insect monitors can be placed under sinks, in cabinets and in bathroom areas to monitor for signs of activity.
  5. Ensure plumbing and electrical fixtures have been properly sealed with caulk or grout.

Here Is What American Pest Can Do:

We understand pest problems related to property management and take many variables into consideration for each unique property.

search icon We will inspect the property for common pest harborages and identify infestations.
keep roached out of your md property We may use a combination of application methods or products to ensure that cockroaches and other pests are controlled within your buildings. Our materials present little to no risk to humans and are used in areas where cockroaches are most active at night.
roach inspection for your md, nova or dc property Recurring inspection and treatment by a pest professional keeps your facility protected and keeps pest populations out.