1. How Much Does Termite Control Cost?


How Much Does Termite Control Cost?

When someone buys a home, whether it is a starter home or the home of their dreams, they are frequently surprised by the costs that can add up just for simple maintenance each year.

Small things such as replacing a rotting board on the front steps or replacing a cracked window can all add up, and some of the costlier problems like removing a dying tree threatening to land on some power lines, or fixing faulty wiring can surely throw your budget off. When it comes to homeownership, we often have to expect the unexpected.

But, what about some of the problems of homeownership that we might not even see? One cost that few take into account is pest protection. So many people might ignore a stray ant wandering through the kitchen, or a spider camped out in the corner of the room.

We take care of those problems on our own and don’t give them another thought. It needs to be considered, however, that if an ant or spider found its way in, there is a good chance that other pests — that can cause a lot more harm — can find their way in as well. One of these harmful pests being the dreaded termite.

Termite Protection

We get calls every day from budget-conscience homeowners with questions about the cost of termite control. There are many of us who don't think about pest control until there are active pests living in the house.

With termites, this problem can be much worse when you consider the amount of damage these pests can cause and the cost associated with fixing the damage and removing the termites from your home.

Termite Infestation Problems

  • The termite is often not discovered in the home until the colony is spread throughout the house. The larger the colony, the more complex the eradication and repair is.

  • The size of the property is also a large factor in determining the costs of termite control. Whether you are talking about a commercial property or a home, the larger the building the more coverage is needed to prevent future infestations.

  • Termite damage is not covered by home insurance. Unfortunately, repairing termite damage costs homeowners over $5 billion each year.


There aren’t many things that are more heartbreaking for a homeowner than finding out they have a termite infestation that has been going on for quite some time. Though pest control and maintenance can seem like a daunting expense, the cost of an untreated infestation can be so much worse.

The amount of damage a termite does can cost American homeowners billions each year to repair. American Pest believes that prevention is the key to termite control. Call the termite specialists here at American Pest to learn more about our industry-leading termite monitoring and control solutions or to set up an inspection to protect your home today.