1. Moist D.C. Basements Attracting Pests

FEBRUARY 22 2022 /

Moist D.C. Basements Attracting Pests

Do you know that D.C. sits on a former swampland? The next time it rains, take a trip down to the Tidal Basin and look around.

You'll find some of the sidewalks are underwater. This is because most of D.C. is below sea level, and some believe the Tidal Basin is slowly sinking back into the creek bed beneath.

It is no wonder many of us have a wet basement. All that excess water in the soil is looking for the path of least resistance.

Even the most sealed basements will be affected by this excess moisture.

Moisture is an attractant for pests, like millipedes, centipedes, ants, beetles, silverfish, mold mites, earwigs, sow bugs, cockroaches, and worse: termites.

If you have moisture in your basement, these bugs are going to want to live with you.

Bugs in your basement eventually means bugs in your walls. If those pests are getting through the cracks to get at the moist, dark solitude of your basement, they won't stop there. They're going to explore.

This will bring them up through your wall voids and into your pantry, cabinets, trash cans, and other zones that have food or particulate food matter.

It is bad enough having something creepy living in your dark basement, but to have them crawling on your food while you sleep? That is just not okay.


How to Battle Pests that Love Moisture

⭐ Keep things dry.

You're probably thinking, "No, duh." But a surprising number of people don't know how to keep their basement dry. For moisture problems, a dehumidifier and some fans will get the job done. If you're getting water seeping in through the walls, you're going to need to get that problem fixed first.


⭐ Seal your basement walls.

Use a caulking gun or Liquid Concrete Repair Kit, to seal cracks, fill in holes and get rid of gaps. Fewer entry points means fewer places these pests can slip in.


Pest control.

If you're getting bugs in your basement, it is time to call the big guns. Get the professionals here at American Pest to come.

We will inspect your home, offer specific exclusion advice, and apply treatments as needed. Some bugs are only excluded with limited and focused application of pesticides.


How to Protect Your Basement from Pests

No matter how old your home is, you can keep pests from harboring in your basement by using these three tips. Contact American Pest and start protecting your D.C. home today.  

Prevention is the a must when regarding these moisture seeking pests.  Not only can we keep these guys out, we can control pests year round so you never have to think about pests again!