1. Pest Control for Food Processing Facilities


Pest Control for Food Processing Facilities

As a facility manager responsible for the processing of food, you’re probably already aware of the importance of pest control. All it takes to contaminate a batch of food is one single pest. That’s why having an on-going, comprehensive pest control plan will help to protect you and your business from the risks associated with pests found in a food processing plant. American Pest services food processing facilities throughout the Maryland, DC, and Virginia regions. Contact us today to learn more!

Pests and Food Processing

With the ability to contaminate food, spread dangerous diseases, and start fires by damaging electrical wires, it’s no secret that pests are better kept outside your facility and off your grounds. Cockroaches, flies, and rodents are just a few of the most commonly found pests that try to encroach upon the food industry.

The best way to keep pest activity in your facility under control is to work with an experienced pest provider to provide you with a comprehensive pest management plan suitable for your specific facility. Pests can easily be transported into your facilities via incoming ingredients, materials, and vehicles; therefore, it’s crucial to make sure you are controlling pests from every angle.

Areas That Should Be Included In Your Comprehensive Pest Management Plan

  • The grounds
  • Buildings on the property
  • Incoming ingredients and storage warehouses
  • Processing areas
  • Packaging areas
  • Finished products warehouses
  • Any transportation

Comprehensive Pest Management Plans Should Include

  • Regular and on-going inspections
  • Integrated methods emphasizing non-chemical treatments
  • Treatment from experienced technicians who are up to date on the most current federal and local regulations

How To Make Your Facility Less Appealing to Insects and Rodents

  • Store trash materials outside in proper trash receptacles
  • Eliminate excessively dusty roads, yards, or parking lots
  • Reduce any food waste or raw product spillage outside to reduce feeding potential for insects, rodents, and birds
  • Screen all windows that can be opened
  • Maintain adequate housekeeping programs
  • Eliminate cracks and crevices that could be used as potential entryways for pests
  • Implement a pest control plan

How American Pest Can Help

Ultimately, the effects of untreated pest activity in your facility can have devastating consequences. Contaminated products, employee and customer health, halted operations, lost profits, and a damaged reputation are all factors that must be considered when dealing with a pest problem.

That’s where American Pest comes in! Our commercial pest professionals are rigorously trained in comprehensive pest management, Quality Pro and LEED certified, and can help you with any pest problem you may be facing. Our team will assist you in designing a custom pest solution that fits the needs of your food processing facility, your customers, and your employees. If you would like more information on commercial pest control plans for your businesscontact American Pest today for a free estimate!

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