1. Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe During Pest Control Services

JANUARY 27 2022 /

Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe During Pest Control Services

When pests, such as micespidersants and roaches invade homes throughout Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia, homeowners call American Pest, a longtime MD pest control company to help them get rid of these uninvited invaders quickly.

In order for our exterminators to do their job efficiently and effectively, before their arrival, you may be asked to prepare a few areas of your home, such as removing all items from under sinks and from the shelves in pantries and cupboards and pulling furniture and other items away from baseboards.

One thing you may forget to mention in your frenzy to schedule your pest control service is that you have pets and on the morning of your scheduled service, you are in a panic wondering; will Rover, Tweety and your other lovable friends be safe?

With American, the answer is yes, but here are a few things to remember to keep your pets safe during your pest control services:


Tell Your Exterminator

We understand that an unexpected pest problem can be stressful and that you may forget to mention your plethora of pets; don’t worry, we’ll ask.

Fortunately, most of the pest control techniques we use are safe for homes with pets, but if possible you should take a few minutes to talk to our pest control professional about what pets are in your home, where they will be when he/she arrives and any special precautions you may have to take after they leave.


Contain Your Pets

Like children, pets are curious and may be overcome with the need to investigate the new sounds and smells in their home and as “man’s best friend” they may take a minute to make friends with our professionals.

Don’t be fooled, we love your pets, but their curiosity can bring them entirely too close to the materials we use during our pest control services.

It is best to keep your 4-legged friends in a kennel or pet carrier. If one is not available, close them into an area of your home not scheduled for service, such as the garage, basement or bedroom.

Although most treatment solutions for common household pests are confined to targeted areas where pests travel (i.e. behind baseboards, wall voids, and beneath counter tops), treatment for fleas and bed bugs will require special consideration for pets as well as preparation.

Speak to an American Pest representative to learn the appropriate protocol to follow.


Feathery And Fishy Friends

Fish, birds and reptiles may require a little special preparation in advance of indoor treatments for pests such as fleas and bed bugs.

Cover up their tanks and cages with a blanket or towel to prevent any overspray, air-borne mist or droplets from getting in.

Depending on what species of bird you may have, you may want to make a quick phone call to your veterinarian for advice. Many birds have a sensitive respiratory system and may be more susceptible to problems.

When in doubt, ask your American Pest pest professional as he or she will know whether or not you would need to remove your pet(s) from the premises based on the specific pest treatment and application method.

Early preparations are the key to keeping your pets safe during pest control services, but if you are still concerned, feel free to ask questions. Our knowledgeable Maryland pest control professionals are always happy to address any concern you may have.


Get a Smart Pest Control Service

We know how important is to keep your loved ones safe, that's why we have develop an eco-friendly alternative, non harmful to humans or pets, and accredited by NPMA, the industry’s highest mark of excellence, for their integration of non-toxic methods and low impact EPA-labeled products.

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