1. Year-Round vs One Time Pest Control Treatments

FEBRUARY 23 2022 /

Year-Round vs One Time Pest Control Treatments

At American Pest, we work hard to give our customers what they want. That's how we earned the Angie's List Super Service Award for 2015. But, just because we offer something, it doesn't necessarily mean it is better.

When it comes to getting pests out of homes and businesses, there is no one better.

The team here at American Pest is recognized as a nationwide leader and trusted by agencies in our government to protect our nation's historical buildings and guide programs to prevent viruses spread by mosquitoes.

When you call us to handle a pest problem, we're going to handle it.

Whatever targeted pest you want to have eliminated will be taken care of quickly, safely, and effectively. We'll even take measures to make sure those pests don't come back.

While our staff is highly educated and fully certified to handle any pest problem on an individual basis, there are a number of benefits to providing year-round service for our customers.


Year-round service is cost effective.

If you call us to deal with a cockroach infestation, we're going to take care of that cockroach infestation.

But, a few weeks later, when you find carpenter ants have invaded, you'll be calling us again. It just isn't cost effective to fight one pest at a time. Our year-round service plan targets over 30 common household pests.



When you're fighting one pest problem at a time, you'll have to deal with the issues those pests can cause.

This may come in the form of wood damage, damage to your belongings, bites, stings, and even mysterious illnesses.

Some pests spread illnesses from trash cans and sewers to your countertops and food storage areas, causing families to have sicknesses that are often mistaken for the flu or the common cold.

With ongoing pest service, you'll have proactive protection.


⭐ Ecosystems.

Individual pests are only one part of an ecosystem, and that ecosystem has many ways it works in unity to attack your home.

One pest might chew a hole that another pest uses to get in. One pest might only be living in your home because it is feeding on another pest that sneaked into your wall voids.

If you have spiders, you probably have flies. The only effective way to create a pest-free environment is to address the problem as an entire ecosystem.


If you have a pest you want taken care of, we can do that for you. Our team is the best.

But for cost-effective, proactive, control of the ecosystem around your home, the best choice is year-round service.

Take a look at the three year-round service plans our on-staff entomologists have designed and see which one is right for you. Get the best in pest protection and control with American Pest.