1. Do You Know Where Those Mice Are Hiding?

FEBRUARY 22 2022 /

Do You Know Where Those Mice Are Hiding?

Just when you think the cold weather has driven all the pests away, you notice mouse droppings in your pantry. Although at first they may look like grains of dark brown rice, these tell-tale signs are not nearly as innocuous as they may seem.

Mouse droppings can actually contaminate your food and spread diseases to you and your family members and if you are seeing these signs of mice in your home, you are probably dealing with an infestation.

In the fall and winter months rodents, like the house mouse, are looking for a safe place to spend the winter.

Since these mammals are commensal, they rely on humans to help them survive. When they find their way into our homes they will look for a safe and undisturbed place to build their nest.

Believe it or not, mice will hide just about anywhere inside your home, including in:

★ Attics

★ Basements

★ Closets

★ Car trunks or under the hood

★ Inside walls

★ Storage boxes

★ Wood piles

★ Any other undisturbed areas


After their mouse nest has been built these furry creatures will begin to forage for food. They will look everywhere in your home for crumbs, including: in your cupboards, behind appliances, in the bags that pet food is stored in and in areas of high moisture.

When mice forage they tend to follow the same trail; especially once it has proved fruitful in the search for food. When following the same track they tend to leave ‘smear’ marks along walls as the grease from their fur rubs off onto their beaten path.

You may also find mice droppings in areas where mice have been feeding.


I know I have mice, now what?

As soon as you identify a mouse problem in your home, it is best to call a pest control professionals at American Pest. Not only will we help identify areas of infestation, but we can eliminate the pests once and for all. We also offer recommendations for environmental modifications that may be necessary to keep these pests from returning.

For more information on rodent control from the home pest control professionals at American Pest, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your pest problem with you and schedule an appointment date and time that will work for you.

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