1. Property management

Effective Pest Control Solutions For Every Property In MD, VA, & D.C. Area

Keeping your residents happy and bite free is made simple by maintaining a pest-free environment. Properties throughout the DMV are home to some of our favorite haunts including rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, and mosquitoes. If you have a pest problem at one of your properties in the area, we can help! Minimizing lost revenue, protecting your image and providing you with an expert team of on-call pest control professionals are just a few things our clients love about American Pest. 


Comprehensive Pest Control For Each Property

The team of professionals at American Pest employ a strategy for optimal results that is unique to each property.  After all, there are many different multi-housing properties in the area, but they are all different. Some of the tactics we deliver include:

1. Site Inspection

No two properties are alike. That’s why our Certified Pest Control Specialist will begin with a detailed inspection of your facility from the outside in. He/she will use integrated pest management theory to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the pest pressures unique to your business.

2. Consultation

We will provide you with the details of our findings and make recommendations based on pest habitat, environmental concerns, and any conditions conducive to pests making their way into your facilities.

3. Solutions

What’s important to you is important to us. That’s why working with you on developing a custom solution that meets the growing needs of your business and your patrons is a critical component of our approach to pest control. Together we can work to strategize a solution that suits your needs and your budget.

American Pest and the Property Management Association

We have been 5-star sponsors of the Property Management Association(PMA) of Washington DC for many years now and have built many partnerships and relationships. D'Yonna and Devonn pictured below have been with American Pest for many years. These two have gone above and beyond as members by attending most PMA events and volunteering for charity groups and more. At each of these events, they are full of smiles and eager to meet fellow PMA members. Some of the big events they attend include PM-EXPO, Summer Classic, August Social. Have you seen us at recent events? If you would like to reach out to D'Yonna or Devonn, put in a request through the form below.

American Pest allows us to focus on managing our properties and not get tangled up with pests we don’t want to see. We receive more than a “pest guy”—we get a dream team keeping vermin out of our properties and away from our tenants.




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