1. Pantry Pests in Apartments and Condos


When it comes to multi-unit housing, food storage can become a significant factor in pest infestations. Whether your tenants have a closet full of groceries in the pantry, or a small bag of dog food in the kitchen, pests can become attracted to these food items. To make matters worse, these pests are often brought inside unknowingly by tenants. The initial infestation can originate from a large variety of places including the grocery store itself.

The fact that these pest infestations usually don't start from within the building is a perfect example of why educating your tenants on these pests and provide tips to prevent them is so important. To ensure your properties are not attractive to pantry pest invaders fill out the form for a downloadable PDF that can be shared with your residents. This PDF describes the most common pantry pests and offers tips on how tenants can avoid them. Download this document HERE.

Here Are A Few Ways You Can Take Advantage Of This PDF Download:

  • Email  to all employees to expand their pantry pest knowledge
  • Email to current tenants to ensure they are educated on potential pantry pests
  • Include in new tenant paperwork so that all incoming tenants are educated as well
  • Hang throughout common areas. Especially those that have kitchenettes.



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