1. Pest Cleanout Services For Offices And Other Workspaces

JANUARY 27 2022 /

Pest Cleanout Services For Offices And Other Workspaces

When it comes to commercial properties or government facilities, COVID-19 has had a huge impact not only on the performance and processes of each organization, but also has provided opportunities for rodents and other pests to replace workers in offices, warehouses, and other businesses.  

Many of the larger corporate accounts that we service were unaware of the impact that the live plants and food being stored in their staffs' office spaces would have once everyone started working from home.

As a result, a lot of government facilities and commercial properties now have severe rodent and insect infestations that need to be taken care of before employees return to the office and find a mouse behind their desk or roaches all over the cabinets.  

So, how can commercial businesses attack this issue and prevent pests infestations in the future? Here we'll outline why you should get a pest cleanout service and what you can do to keep them out of your workspace. 


Why is my business full of bugs and rodents if we were closed? 

After the pandemic hit many workers left large quantities of food, candy, and potential nesting materials in their locked filing cabinets, desk, drawers, credenzas, and locked offices. 

This was an invitation for mice and pantry pests to gain access through holes in the bottom of cabinets or insects that were already present in prepared foods multiply without disruption from the pre-covid day to day activities of an office. 


What's attracting pests to offices? 

  • Locked areas with potential food sources for rodents and pantry pests. 
  • Old and expired canned soups and coffee supplies, like sugar and creamer. 
  • Dirty refrigerators. Some fridges might have stopped working and would spoil food, providing potential food sources for insects and rodents. 
  • Environmental fluctuations with temperature in/outside the building can draw in rodent problems. 
  • Food left behind or currently being brought into the facility by workers. 
  • Lack of education about what workers can do to protect their work area from rodent problems. 
  • Worker behaviors that impact available food sources for rodents (open food on tables, desks, trash, nesting materials). 


Why there are bugs inside boxed and sealed pantry foods? 

Most manufacturers take steps when preparing their food to eliminate insect eggs and adults found during the manufacturing process, but some imported items still are very susceptible to being sold with adult bugs and/or eggs present inside the very food we consume daily. 

Over the last two years, these insects have fed on the available food sources that they were shipped in and spread to other available food sources inside their desks. 


How we can help you clean and treat infected areas

  • We will identify rodent and insect travel pathways and recommend exclusion or repair if needed to reduce pest entry. 
  • We'll identify and remove nesting sources and food storage that increases pest pressure. 
  • We will also trap and remove existing pest problems to reduce the overall population to gain control below the threshold of action required. 


*Important note: To maximize the effectiveness of a pest or rodent intensive cleanout out, it may be necessary to have a locksmith on-site to open all desks, filing cabinets, and locked offices. 


What you can do to prevent pest infestations in offices 

  • Clean up all food sources 
  • Keep all food products in sealed plastic containers 
  • Clean desks and tables of crumbs/spillage using disinfectant  
  • Place trash can in the hallway for daily pickup 
  • At day's end, place remaining trash in pantry trash bins 
  • Identify and report any openings or penetrations in walls or exterior areas to your supervisor.  
  • Implement a protocol regarding food storage 


Education is just as important as the removal of conducive conditions present for rodent and insect activity.  

The housekeeping staff needs to follow good Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies to reduce rodent and insect harborage areas and eliminate food sources that are helping to breed ongoing pest problems. 


Why you should get a pest cleanout for your business 

If you think that your commercial or government facility may be having an increase in rodent or insect activity due to a scarcity of in-person workers and potential conducive conditions present with all the stuff they left behind, give us a call today and we'll give you a free cleanout service estimate for your commercial or government facility. 

Our pest/rodent cleanout services will help you: 

  • Eliminate Pests present in the facility. 
  • Decrease available harborage and breeding areas for population control. 
  • Improvement in the workplace environment and worker satisfaction. 



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