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Anticimex SMART – Digital Pest Control Lands In The US

What if you could detect vermin the instant it entered buildings on your campus? You now can.

No longer is the ingenuity of technology (think Jetsons) too far off from futuristic imaginings. While we may still be a way off from piloting our own personal flying machines, techies across the globe are competing to develop products and services that automate our lives—helping us live healthier, become more efficient and keep more money in our pockets.

Synonymous with all things progressive, Swedish engineering is no exception. This year in the US, pest control as we know it takes a giant leap ahead with intelligent technology, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Anticimex SMART—an intelligent system that keeps an eye on the things that you don’t want to see—is nothing short of “smart” in both design and problem-solving resourcefulness. By constantly monitoring and instantly reacting, it prevents costly pest infestations in an environmentally-friendly way that we can really get behind.

Here’s what we know about how a brilliant idea came to life to help education institutions keep campuses pest-free around the clock.

We were keptical too…at first.

For most of us, smart technology is limited to the home and hearth. We turn off the lights, automate our Amazon deliveries and brew coffee with one-touch technology. Although the technology itself isn’t new (defense organizations have been developing and using smart technology for eons) it’s relatively new to the consumer market.

Getting a handle on unwanted rodents and other vermin, while not a glamorous topic, is an undeniable issue facing urban centers and institutions everywhere. The idea of digital pest control, however, is still foreign to many of us. And for a good reason. To put it simply, as stringent as our US regulation on pesticides/rodenticides has become—and we totally stand behind this—they don’t hold a candle to those that our pest control friends face across the pond. In many other countries, especially throughout Europe, rodenticide baits simply aren’t legal. Since rats and mice remain among the top vectors of disease (do I hear the calling of the next plague?) European pest controllers facing crack-downs on improved regulation leaped ahead of the curve to develop sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions. Thus, the birth of digital pest control.

So, what exactly is digital pest control?

Ready to get your mind blown? It’s probably not what you expect. When the average DIYer thinks of digital pest control, it’s easy to envision plug-n-play devices that emit some sort of high-frequency soundwaves that shun vermin. [We’ve authored several a story about electronic devices that purport to control mice and rats electronically and why they don’t work.]

Digital pest control is something entirely different. Astoundingly different. Think of it like this:  clone 30 of your all-time best employees—the most reliable, smartest, hardest working, faculty members and pair every set of eyes and ears with inspection and quality control to a central data hub using your own 5G network. Then, stand by as a hidden pipe is leaking in one of your historical buildings. Your people would mobilize, sending critical information about the leak to the central hub, dispatching help instantly. You’d want more of that, right? No problem, we’ve got your back.

Anticimex SMART uses advanced sensor technology (the eyes and ears) to detect rodent activity in cable runs, ceilings or voids, food or equipment storage or other areas that are commonly overlooked. It’s ideal for use around dining facilities with food and beverage processing as well as in and around high traffic areas that could attract rodent activity like dumpsters outside of dormitories. 

A device designed for any space

Whether its rodents on the interior or exterior Anticimex SMART devices use powerful heat and motion sensors to lure and catch rats and mice without the use of toxic baits. Each type of device is engineered to prevent rodent infestations with intelligent, around the clock monitoring and control, for many at the source of entry—sewer pipes leading to and from your facility. All devices speak to each other in real time (via 5G connectivity) sending critical information on rodent activity and catches to a central data hub and back to your pest control provider. Help is on the way.

While most innovative technology rarely comes with a small price tag, what it packs is powerful AI (artificial intelligence) to detect vermin the instant it breaches a building with a proven pest control solution that gives you the best of two worlds—automation and expertise.

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