1. Pest Tips for Classrooms

If you work for a school, whether it be high school or elementary, you understand that there are a variety of pests that could invade each of your classrooms. From ants to rodents, each of these pests poses a potential threat to your students and faculty. 

Many pests commonly discovered throughout classrooms threaten, not only student health but also staff and guardians who pick these students up every day. Here, we will discuss the most common classroom pests, along with how you can take a few steps to ensure you are protecting your schools from them. 

Most Common Classroom Pests

Tips To Control Pests In Classrooms

These are just a few tips that we would recommend to better manage a pest situation in classrooms. These tips alone will not singularly solve your pest problems and should not replace a current IPM protocol. If you currently have a pest problem, please contact a pest professional for assistance. 

  • Place trash cans around buildings on the property as well as each classroom and ensure that your staff empties them daily
  • Keep food and drink out of the classroom setting and confined strictly to the cafeteria
  • Keep dumpsters at least 50 ft away from each building 
  • Ensure that leaks are quickly reported and fixed
  • Ensure that window screens are checked each season for tears and report structure issues as soon as they arise
  • Install door sweeps on all external doors to keep pests out
  • Educate faculty and staff and advise them to regularly inspect rooms for risk factors such as trash and storing food in unsealed containers. 
  • Educate students on the importance of a clean facility

To assist in educating your students on the importance of keeping the classroom clean, download the PDF for teachers by completing the form. This 1-page download is easy for you to provide to your educators and take extra steps to protect the school through a team effort.


Contacting A Pest Professional

American Pest has been protecting schools across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. from ants and other pests for almost a century. With our experienced technicians and access to the latest pest elimination technology at our disposal, we can solve any pest problem you may be facing.

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