1. Pest Logbook for Commercial Properties

What Is A Pest Logbook?

A pest logbook is a resource for your team to accurately log any signs of pest activity for your property. This is helpful in allowing your service technician to review all pest activity since the last visit and where it occurred while also allowing you to keep a record of when corrective actions were taken.

Having a logbook is an essential feature for any Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that is used to document any important information about policies and procedures concerning pest control throughout your facilities.



Importance of a Pest Logbook 


Having a record of reported pest activity and treatments will allow you to prove that you are taking action to protect the building, staff and the public. While logbooks are a fundamental part of any IPM program, it allows you to easily evaluate the effectiveness of any actions taken.  Be sure to keep your logbook in a central area where anyone associated with the property or pest control company has the ability to access it. If you have a larger property or multiple buildings, consider providing maintenance and staff with an email address that they can report activity to so that all records are kept in one place. 



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