How American Pest Solves Your Mosquito Control Problem in Kingsville

Our mosquito treatment for yards and gardens is a top-rated spray service. Our professionals can perform a thorough, in-depth inspection of your yard. We’ll identify where mosquitoes live and where they breed. We’ll also use a specialized misting system to repel mosquitoes from your yard monthly, between the peak seasons of April and September.

Whether you’ve got a graduation or wedding ceremony coming up or merely want to relax in the yard with a good book, American Pest can help you with effective mosquito control. Our professionals have performed mosquito eradication services in the Kingsville, Baltimore City, Maryland area for almost a century. 

Simultaneously, American Pest will help hunt down breeding areas. We’ll treat these and any ideal pest resting places to ensure that your yard stays mosquito free throughout the season.

Risks Associated with Mosquitoes

Around 150 mosquitoes commonly live in the United States – a handful of which can be found in Kingsville, Baltimore City. Like all mosquitoes, the ones taking over your yard feed on blood and typically leave nasty bites that are swollen and itchy.

Most mosquitoes can spread diseases. Many of the more dangerous illnesses passed by mosquitoes include Zika, Malaria, Dengue and Yellow Fever. Mosquito bites on dogs can cause heartworm. Fortunately, most of Maryland’s mosquitoes aren’t likely to pass on diseases and merely serve up irritating bites. You can’t take that chance as the climate gets warmer, though. It is wise to seek a mosquito treatment for your yard from American Pest’s mosquito control services

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How Can I Prevent Mosquito Problems in Kingsville, Baltimore City?

What gets rid of mosquitoes? There are a couple of things you can do to try and prevent mosquito issues, but this is very labor-intensive work. Instead, this time-consuming task is best handled by our mosquito exterminator team.

If you want to have a stab at it – here’s what you can do:

  • You can attain resident mosquito control inside your home via mesh nets on your windows and doors – commonly known as mosquito nets.
  • Outside, you’ll want to try and get rid of all standing water. By trimming back hedges and bushes, you are pushing mosquitoes’ resting spots further away from your home.

Kingsville, MD’s Most Common Mosquitoes

Kingsville, Baltimore City, is quite warm, so mosquitoes are common here. While some insects can be mistaken for mosquitoes (Daddy Long Legs or Crane Flies, for instance, are known as Long Mosquitoes or Mosquito Hawks), there are typically just three mosquitoes that will require outdoor mosquito control. These include:

  • Northern House Mosquitoes: Common House Mosquitoes generally don’t spread serious disease but can be found throughout the season across Maryland.
  • Asian Tiger Mosquitoes: Imported and now found on the Eastern seaboard, these striped mosquitoes leave a nasty bite and can spread disease.
  • Eastern Saltmarsh Mosquitoes: Often found around saltwater pools. These pests are known for spreading heartworm in dogs when they bite.