How can American Pest Solve Termite Control Problems in Green Valley, MD?

American Pest knows how to treat termites using organic termite control. If you don’t know how to tell if you have termites, you needn’t worry. Our termite control methods include an inspection and solutions to the problem.

American Pest is here to help get rid of termites without tenting. We offer termite infestation solutions for the wider Green Valley area, Frederick County and across Maryland. Our Sentricon Always Active solution uses RecruitHD bait as its active ingredient. Foraging termites pick this up and take it straight back to their colony. We can eradicate an entire termite infestation in one sitting. Once active, our system also prevents new termite colonies from establishing themselves.

With termites causing over $1.5 billion worth of damage to over five million homes each year, American Pest’s termite control services are in-demand. With American Pest, you can avoid being a part of that statistic.

Early Warning Signs of Termites in Green Valley, MD

Unlike other pests, you aren’t going to be able to find termite eggs, and termite bites are not common, so can’t always be used as verification that you have an issue. How do you know if you have termites, then? There are one or two early warning signs of termites. These termite signs can include:

  • Termite tubes in mud or wooden structures
  • A hollow sound when knocking on supposedly solid structures
  • Unstable walls, floors and ceilings
  • Patterns appearing in wood where damage has occurred

Termites generally live in the soil and mulch around your Green Valley, MD property. Colonies can be as far as 300 feet away from residential properties. However, if they end up near your home, termite colonies may decide to jump ship, entering through cracks in the foundation. If they locate wood, they can start to eat away at the structural timber in walls and ceilings. Without termite pest control, they can remain for years without detection.

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How Can I Prevent Termite Problems in Green Valley, MD?

While you won’t be able to alleviate termite infestations yourself, there are things you can do that help towards termite prevention. These include:

  • Removing decaying wood, trees, tree stumps or debris from your home.
  • Storing firewood far away from your house or checking it for the tell-tale signs of termites before bringing it inside.
  • Keep mulch away from your home.
  • Treating the wood inside your house. Termites don’t like treated wood – the chemicals should keep them away.
  • Ensure that your foundation is as crack-free as possible.

Remember, you can’t learn how to get rid of termites in the house or how to get rid of termites in the wall. Any products you buy for this may treat a small area but won’t take care of the colony – which largely remains hidden underground. For these issues, you will need to call a Green Valley, MD pest professional like American Pest.

Green Valley, MD’s Most Common Termites

Our termite treatment options work on all sorts of termites, which is just as well because there are many out there. Termites (even flying termites or winged termites) are often easily confused for ants. There are two types of termites you should keep an eye out for in Green Valley, MD. These include:

  • Subterranean Termites: Subterranean Termites are widespread in Maryland. They construct mud tubes up to your home, are commonly found in softwoods, and their extensive colonies live underground, often causing damage to your foundation.
  • Wood Termites: Wood Termites, also known as Ground Termites, Wall Termites, or Dry Wood Termites, hollow out wood rapidly and are frequently found indoors. As soon as baby termites are born, they get to work eating your wooden structures. These are a more considerable nuisance than Damp Wood Termites, which linger outside your home in old tree stumps, forests, much, and wet timber.

In theory, any of the above can set up shop in your home and be known as house termites or house wood termites, and all can fly. American Pest’s licensed and trained professionals are skilled at handling them all.