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American Pest: Professional Pest Control in Hanover, VA 

There are plenty of pests that can cause you trouble in the greater Hanover county area, and close to as many choices for pest control companies. Don’t settle for any exterminator when you can get the quality service of an American Pest pest professional.

We know the honor and privilege of being allowed into your home or to work with your business, and we take that privilege seriously in providing you the best professional pest control service in Hanover VA, the kind of service we’d hope to receive ourselves in our time of need. 

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Why American Pest Recommend a Year-round Pest Control Plan 

American Pest offers pest control plans year-round for a number of reasons. First and foremost, this kind of service best enables us to practice the kind of preventative pest control measures that have the lowest impact on the local environment, the safest options to expose either humans or pets to, and still the most efficient ways to solve your pest control problem. 

This sort of proactive pest care means we can act decisively at the first signs of pest activity whenever it first appears, during any season of the year. The sooner you call on us, the sooner we can solve your pest problem, and the sooner the complications that arise from that problem can be mitigated or removed.

Why Preventive Pest Control Programs are Cost-Effective

Don’t minimize the problem, while you may just see one line of ants they’re advance scouts of a larger colony, just as one or two cockroaches may be the breeding pair that leads to an explosive and potentially troublesome infestation.

Over 30,000 homes and businesses have called on us at American Pest and we’ve answered that call so consistently well that we’ve earned and maintained an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau. 

Don’t let your pest control grow out of control or worry about handling it yourself when you can rely on that same high caliber of pest control service. Call or request a free estimate with one of our pest professionals today.