1. Buy, Sell, Rent: Do I Need a Termite Inspection?


Buy, Sell, Rent: Do I Need a Termite Inspection?

If you are looking to buy, sell, or rent a home in Maryland the structure will need a wood damaging insect (WDI) report. This report notes any areas that have been damaged by termites, carpenter ants, European wood wasp, or other wood-destroying insects.


What are WDI Inspections?

The report itself is a two-page document detailing whether or not the home under inspection has any visible damage as a result of termites or any other wood-destroying insect.

The first page includes the address of the house, inspection findings, and any treatment recommendations. It also includes a section about any areas that were obstructed or inaccessible, limiting the visual extensiveness of the inspection.

The second page notates for the consumer the scope and limitations of the inspection. View an example report.


What Is The Purpose of a Termite Inspection?

It is important to keep in mind that this inspection is not meant to report structural damage as a result of an insect infestation, but rather to provide a visual inspection of the home.

It is understood that there may be some degree of hidden wood damage present without the knowledge of the inspector. Just because there are no visible signs of the infestation does not mean there are no bugs present.

If structural damage is presumed, the buyer or interested parties should contact a qualified structural professional, or contractor, to determine the extent of the damage.


Are Termites Inspections Required by The State?

Although this inspection is not required by the state, it is required as a part of Real Estate regulations. The state does, however, require WDI inspections to meet certain minimum standards.

Sometimes, depending on loans, banks and other lending institutions require a termite inspection before closing the sale of a home.


How Long Is a WDI Report Good for? 

It is required that this WDI paperwork should be used within 90 days of the inspection and subsequently the close of the sale. For this reason, don't be surprised if the inspecting company indicated that you're ordering the report too early. We are simply saving you money by keeping you from having to order a second report.


Where to Get a WDI Report or Termite Inspection

American Pest has a longstanding reputation of providing wood-damaging insect reports and inspections for its current clients. If you're suffering from termite damage now, give us a call and we'll help resolve your pest problem today!