1. Mosquitoes And Plants

FEBRUARY 28 2022 /

Mosquitoes And Plants

Have you heard that there are plants you can plant in your garden or in strategically placed plant pots around your deck that will work to keep mosquitoes away? Well, it is true, but only to a point.

While there are plants that can help you prevent mosquito bites and encourage those little biters to go somewhere else to feed, it isn't quite as straightforward as you might think.

There are no plants you can buy that sit in your yard and keeps all the mosquitoes away. It is also not possible to use a large fan to blow the scent of these plants into areas you want mosquitoes to avoid.

So, how do these plants keep mosquitoes away?

When you put a plant in your yard that mosquitoes don't like, you are going to need to rub that plant to release the oils from its leaves.

If you're out in your garden, brush your hand over these plants and you will release their oils into the air. You can also pluck part of the plant and rub it on your skin. This will act as a natural mosquito repellent.


What plants keep mosquitoes away?

  • citronella grass
  • lavender
  • basil
  • catmint
  • rosemary
  • garlic
  • bee balm
  • cadaga trees
  • cedars
  • clove
  • floss flower
  • lemon scented geraniums
  • lemon balm
  • lemongrass
  • lemon verbena
  • lemon eucalyptus
  • lemon thyme
  • Mexican marigold
  • nodding onion
  • pineapple weed
  • wormwood
  • pitcher plant
  • mint
  • snowbrush
  • sweet fern
  • tansy
  • stone root
  • tea tree
  • wild bergamot
  • vanilla leaf.


Did you notice how many times lemon appeared in our list of mosquito repellent plants? Lemon is not a scent mosquitoes care for at all.

That is why oil of lemon eucalyptus is the number one natural ingredient for store-bought mosquito repellent. But, in your yard, lemon eucalyptus isn't going to work exactly the way it does when it is in a repellent.

While mosquitoes will definitely avoid these plants, they aren't going to entirely avoid the areas where these plants are planted.

Another name you may have recognized from our list of mosquito repellent plants is citronella.

If you're a fan of citronella candles or torches, you may be inclined to think that buying some citronella grass will be as effective at driving mosquitoes away, but it is not.

The reason is that the oils inside the citronella grass need to be released in order to ward off mosquitoes. The same is true of lemon grass.

If you have either of these grasses in your lawn, they will not be effective at getting rid of mosquitoes.

You can, however, keep a plant pot of this grass and rub it when you come out onto your porch or deck. Doing this will release the oils. And rubbing some on your skill will also help.

It is important to know the difference between citronella grass and the citrosa geranium that is often called the "mosquito plant."

When these geraniums are planted next to a deck or patio, they do nothing to keep the mosquitoes away.

In fact, mosquitoes are known to land on these plants. You are much better off having some citronella grass around.


Are there any plants that attract mosquitoes?

Yes. There are plants that draw mosquitoes into your yard. Both male and female mosquitoes are known to feed on nectar. If you have flowers in your yard, you're going to attract mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are also drawn to water. If you have water lilies, water hyacinths, water lettuce, Taro, or papyrus in your yard, these plants will be attractive to mosquitoes.

Those little biters will also be more attracted to a yard that gets a lot of watering. Mosquitoes breed in still, stagnant water. Any plant or tree that has leaves that can hold water is an attractant for these pests.


Control Mosquitoes In Your Yard

Plants are a great, natural way to ward off mosquitoes, as long as you know that these plants need to be handled in order to be effective. But they will only be effective at driving mosquitoes away.

They won't do anything to eradicate mosquitoes. That is why it is important to have mosquito services for your Maryland, DC, or Virginia home.

Routine treatments kill adult mosquitoes where they hide, and work to kill mosquito eggs in your grass. If you want fewer bites, and a way to reduce the spread of mosquito-borne viruses, mosquito abatement is still the best way to go.