1. Why Every Restaurant Needs Commercial Pest Control Services


Why Every Restaurant Needs Commercial Pest Control Services

When television news does a story on a restaurant, good or bad, they often tell viewers what the restaurant is known for. It might be an Italian restaurant known for its giant meatballs, a barbecue restaurant known for its pulled pork, or a steakhouse known for its large cuts of beef.

They use descriptive words such as "unique," "unusual," and "fun" to describe the ambiance, atmosphere, and service. This is great exposure for any restaurant. But news stories can also hurt a business, and there is no better way to get unwanted news coverage than having someone report bugs in your establishment.

There are many pests that plague restaurants. If you own or operate a restaurant, you are all too familiar with them.

The presence of flies, cockroachesrodents, and pantry pests have led to the shutdown of restaurants all across the country. But pests that spread illness are not the only creatures that can cause problems for a restaurant.

When you have ongoing commercial pest control you can expect the following benefits:

  • Protection from failed audits. When your score goes down it will not only threaten your ability to keep the doors open, those news agencies will be quick to do a story on you. No restaurant benefits from being known for a low inspection score.


  • Protection for your reputation. Professional pest control technicians know how to monitor and manage pest threats so there is less of a chance your customers will come in contact with them. We live in an age of smartphones and instant access to reviews. No restaurant benefits from a review about roaches, flies, or some other pest sighting.


  • Protection for your property. When termites come to feed on wood or some other pests gets in to feed on your wallpaper, drapes, furniture, and more, it can affect you financially. Ongoing pest control will create a barrier around your restaurant to keep bugs from finding an entry point.


  • Increased morale. Pests don't just affect customers, they can affect your employees as well. When you have a professional help you maintain a pest-free environment, you're going to have happier workers. And happy workers work harder.


  • Green solutions. DIY pest control often makes problems worse and creates more health risks. A professional will make sure you get pest control solutions that safeguard your business and reduce risk.


If you have not yet established a pest plan for your business, or you have a plan this isn't working, reach out to American Pest. We are a proven leader in commercial pest control, servicing D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia with industry-leading pest control solutions.