1. Why Silverfish Have Chosen Your Home

FEBRUARY 28 2022 /

Why Silverfish Have Chosen Your Home

When silverfish invade, they typically do not arrive alone. If you find one, you can be sure that there are many more tucked away in hidden places that you cannot see.

Silverfish are pests that are usually born outside, and they could have chosen any house on the block! Why didn’t they choose the house down the road? Why did they choose your home to invade out of all the other houses available?

Silverfish are teardrop shape and very flat. Because of their flatness, they are able to squeeze inside book bindings, undetected, and cause damage with their chewing.

They can also cause damage to a host of other items.

Since silverfish will dine on carbohydrates, sugars, starches and cellulose, they can potentially cause damage to treasured photos, carpeting, clothing, drapes, blankets and sheets, tapestries, documents and wallpaper.

They also eat foods found in your pantry, such as sugar, coffee, pasta, flour, cereal, and any other starchy food.


Why Me?

The reason the alien-like silverfish chose your home to invade is really quite simple. Silverfish love moisture; they actually need it to survive.

So, if these creepy crawlies are hanging around inside your home, it is because they have found moisture.

Maybe you have some leaking pipes that you are unaware of; perhaps the ‘O’ ring around the bottom of the toilet needs to be replaced, or maybe water is getting in around the chimney or under a loose shingle when it rains.

It is also possible that your gutters are clogged, or perhaps the downspout is not directing water away from your foundation. Whatever the cause, silverfish have been drawn to your home for the moisture it provides.


Silverfish Warning Sign

⭐ Moisture issues around your home

If you are seeing silverfish inside, chances are they were drawn close to your home because of moisture issues.

Removing standing water and putting down crushed rock around the perimeter of your home may help make your home less inviting to silverfish.


⭐ Gaps and cracks in your foundation

When the weather outside gets too dry, or too wet, silverfish will look for shelter. Sealing up holes in your foundation and walls may help keep these invading moisture pests out.


⭐ Water damaged areas

Silverfish, especially in large numbers, could be an indication that you have areas of your home that have become water damaged.

This can lead to other issues, such as mold, and other pests gaining access to your wall voids. Repairing water-damaged areas, and making sure your gutters are not obstructed or damaged may help keep silverfish at bay.


⭐ Silverfish eat dandruff

If you have silverfish, and your have dandruff, you may wake up with these disgusting insects crawling in your hair. They may also hang out on your hairbrush or comb.


⭐ Silverfish can be startling

No one likes being startled by a creepy crawly bug. And, if you happen to be startled at just the right moment, especially on a slippery floor, where these moisture-loving pests love to hang out, you may find yourself slipping and sustaining an injury.


The Problems Caused By Silverfish

Silverfish can be destructive to old photos: Many folks have at least one box of old photographs stored away somewhere in their home.

If silverfish have invaded your house, then these old photos could be in danger of being defaced. If there are no copies of these photos then, not only can the photos be lost, the memories they contain can be lost as well.


⭐ Silverfish can be destructive to wallpaper

These creepy crawly bugs love to eat the glue that holds wallpaper on your walls.

This is not only unsightly, as wallpaper begins to droop and sag, but it can end up being costly as, eventually, the wallpaper will need to be replaced or the room will need to be painted.


⭐ Silverfish can be destructive to books 

Silverfish don't care if it is a book that you are throwing away or an antique book that has been in your family for generations, they love eating away at the glue in book bindings.

If you care at all about books in your home, it is not a good idea to allow silverfish to roam free.


⭐ Silverfish can be destructive to fabrics 

These creepy insects love to nibble on fabrics, whether it is an antique wedding dress or your favorite jacket. They also eat blankets, pillowcases, or fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk.

They are even known to nibble on certain synthetic fibers and leather items. Silverfish are especially drawn to fabrics that contain adhesives or starches, and clothing that has food particles or spills on them.


⭐ Silverfish can be destructive to pantry items 

If you have things stored in your pantry that are not in hard plastic containers, silverfish may chew their way through packaging, exposing your products to the air and allowing them to spoil or get stale.

They are especially drawn to items such as coffee, sugar and anything containing carbohydrates.


How To Keep Silverfish Out Of Your Home

Carefully examine the outside of your home for gaps and cracks. Look closely at your foundation and outer walls for any tiny holes where silverfish, or other pests, could squeeze their way inside.

Use liquid cement or a caulking gun to fill in any holes you find.

Remove moist areas around your home. If you have leaf litter, wet mulch, areas that don't dry out after it rains, etc., address these issues by removing items, replacing materials or trimming back vegetation. The dryer the area around your home, the less chance you will have of drawing silverfish and other moisture loving pests in close.

Inspect all of your door sweeps and make sure they are all making good contact. And, make sure all weather stripping is properly seated. It doesn't take much of a gap for these tiny insects to find a way inside.

Be sure the inside of your home is as dry as possible since silverfish are a moisture pest. Use fans or dehumidifiers to dry out rooms that are humid. And address any water leaks you may have that could contribute to your moisture problem.

Consider having a pest control company put a chemical barrier around your home.


The best way to prevent silverfish in your home is to make sure that moisture issues are promptly handled and that you have a year-round pest control plan in place.

The Preferred Care plans here at American Pest are some of the most comprehensive and environmentally responsible plans available to protect your home all year long from the threat of silverfish and other common household invaders.

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