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Calverton, MD is home to professionals, people looking for a place to retire, and pests. 

American Pest is qualified to service the residents of Calverton, MD to make sure pests do not arrive in your home or business and cause irreparable harm to the people within. 

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Know when it’s best to call American Pest

Homes and businesses in Calverton, MD are susceptible to pest infestations at any time of the year. It’s important to keep a constant watchful eye on your home to notice any uninvited creatures or they could wreak havoc on your home. 

Pest infestations are known to leave subtle indications that they are taking up residence in your home. Some of these include frequently seeing a bee or a line of ants in your home or noticing that a wall may be hollow if you knock on the wood. 

As soon as you notice any of these, it is the right time to call American Pest.

When a pest infestation is left to grow, the risks of harm to everyone inside your home or business increase with it. This means that people and pets are more likely to get sick or for your home to be weakened from pests eating through the important structures. This is the reason why calling for our protection should be done right away.

American Pest is ready to help you find what protection you need by providing you with a free estimate and our professional opinion. 

Calling for our preventive pest control services as soon as possible is the first step to keeping everyone and everything that should be in your home as safe as possible.

American Pest is available to everyone

American Pest is ready to service any pest at any budget with our wide array of Preferred Care service packages to protect what you need to protect. Our customer care representatives are available to current customers 24/7 to deal with the most sudden pest problems.

Comprehensive Home Pest Protection in Calverton MD

Your home will be kept safe with the best service providers in the Calverton, MD area. These packages are only some of the services you can choose or combine to get the best protection you need:

  • SMART Preferred Care Complete Pest Control + Sentricon AlwaysActive
  • SMART Preferred Care Plus Pest Control
  • SMART Preferred Care Pest Control
  • Mosquito & Tick Control Programs