1. 3 Steps To Getting Rid Of Ants

MARCH 03 2022 /

3 Steps To Getting Rid Of Ants

Ants will become a troublesome pest problem for thousands of Maryland residents this summer.

When it comes to getting rid of tiny black ants in the kitchen, carpenter ants in the bathroom, or pavement ant hills next to the garage, follow these best practices from the American Pest Team.


Know The Ant

Ant species are not created equal—a very important lesson learned when waging war against them.

A sprinkling of carpenter ants in the kitchen may require a more thorough inspection and treatment than that of several combined pavement ant nests cropping up between your patio pavers.

The first step in getting rid of an ant invasion is to identify the species of ant you are dealing with.

⭐ Odorous house ant:  small (up to 1/8th of an inch), brown in color, distinct odor when crushed

⭐ Carpenter ant: foragers can be large (up to 3/4th of an inch), hairy and black in color

⭐ Pavement ant:  small (up to 1/8th of an inch), brown or black in color, exterior, mound-building


Locate The Ant Nest

You keep a tidy kitchen. Unfortunately, no amount of cleaning will deter the perseverance of an ant colony.

Many ant species will travel great distances only to appear around your sink, inside cupboards and along the back splash, seemingly overnight.

The second step of do-it-yourself ant control is to locate where the ants are coming from.

⭐ Follow ants on the inside of your home to points at which they enter walls, window sills, etc. Next, inspect exterior sections of the home opposite of where you see them inside.

⭐ Look high and low for ants entering the home via electrical lines, tree branches, and along foundations.


Using The Right Product, In the Right Location

Spray for ants is not the same as bee & wasp spray, or cockroach bait, and so on.

Now that you’ve identified your ant problem and located the entry point (as well as the nest), it’s time to select the best ant killer for the job.

The third step to keeping ants out of your house is selecting the right product for your pest problem.

⭐ Make certain that you choose the right product for the type and location of your pest problem.

There are several formulations to choose from, such as containerized baits, foggers & bombs, granular baits, direct contact sprays, and liquid pesticides that attach to your garden hose.

Gel baits for ants will have little effect on ants trailing along the foundation and may be better suited to indoor use, whereas, a containerized bait may do the job where ants are active around the counter.

Read product labels – they will instruct you how the product works and where it is meant to be used.


⭐ Read and follow all pesticide label instructions.

Failure to comply with the label will result in a failed pest control attempt and has the potential to lead to the misapplication of pesticides.


⭐ Understand that DIY pesticide products can be harmful to humans, pets, and aquatic life if you do not follow directions.


⭐ Also understand that several applications may be necessary and that there’s no guarantee that the over the counter pest control product you have purchased will get rid of your pest problem.


Hire a Professional Ant Exterminator

We know that every ant is different, which means our service professionals will identify the best treatment for your needs.

Whether you need large-scale eliminate an infestation or just want to take care of one pesky little worker who keeps coming back no matter what we do - it's all about understanding their biology and local ecological niche in order get them out once again!