1. How to Choose the Best Mouse Trap

JANUARY 28 2022 /

How to Choose the Best Mouse Trap

Mouse traps are manufactured in a number of different ways. Selecting a device that is right for your family depends on your strategy, know-how, and overall interest in removing mice from your Fairfax home.


Snap mouse traps

Snap traps for mice have been used by Virginia pest control companies for hundreds of years—making them a solid choice for mouse control.

The trap’s bait platform is typically baited with peanut butter, chocolate icing, or specially-designed rodent bait that is palatable to mice.

The mouse trap is equipped with spring-loaded kill bar that powerfully snaps back and catches the mouse, making removal as simple as throwing away the trap.


Glue mouse traps

Glue boards, or glue mouse traps, are effective at catching mice beneath kitchen stoves, under cabinets, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Glue traps for mice contain a sticky substance that is often scented with peanut butter. Once the mouse (or mice) step onto the trap they are unable to remove themselves from it.

It is important to check glue mouse traps daily and to remove any traps with caught mice.


Electronic mouse traps

Battery-powered electronic mouse traps marketed for people who “don’t want to touch a mouse” typically receive mixed reviews, but we believe that many of the problems reported in electronic mouse trap reviews are attributed to human errors like over-baiting, trap placement, and not replacing the batteries.

These devices typically have a small opening for a mouse to enter. Once the mouse comes in contact with the electronic plates, an electronic charge is activated and the mouse is killed within seconds.


Mouse baiting traps

Mouse bait traps are special devices designed with an entrance and an exit, so that mice are free to travel into the trap to consume some of the rodent bait and then leave it.

Mouse baiting traps lock when closed and cannot be opened without a special two-pronged key.

They are well-constructed and highly resistant to dogs and children. The bait block, itself, is usually secured with a horizontal or vertical bar so that it cannot be removed and the tamper-resistant mouse bait trap is placed in areas like crawl spaces, attics, and basements.


Kill and Seal Mouse Traps

Kill and seal mouse traps tout “no see no touch” technology, making the process of catching and disposing of mice virtually invisible to even the most squeamish of Fairfax, VA homeowners.

For residents with rodent phobias these mouse traps may be the solution.

However, tepid reviews and a disposable per-trap cost of $4.50 may make kill and seal mouse traps the more expensive option for price-conscious shoppers.

Multiple catch traps

Also known as catch and release mouse traps, multiple catch traps can be used to humanely trap and relocate rodents.

These devices are designed with one-way entry doors that leave mice unable to escape.

Any mice caught in the traps can be relocated out of doors. It’s important to check multiple catch mouse traps daily and relocate to an area further away from your home.

American Pest Smart Trapping System

With our Smart Snaps you'll never have to worry about rodents in your homes or the daunting removal of them. Our 24/7/365 system alerts your pest professional instantly so we know before you do. 



Contact a Professional Rodent Exterminator 

Selecting the best mouse trap and catching mice is hard work. Why not leave it to the rodent professionals at American Pest?

We have certified, friendly (and knowledgeable!) rodent experts in your Fairfax neighborhood several times a week.


Here’s how our Rodent Extermination works:

#1 Inspection. We’ll send one of our licensed pest control professionals to your home. They will provide a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior, paying special attention to where mice or rats can access the home.

#2 Seal Off Entry Points. Next, we’ll seal off any rodent entry points that we locate during our initial inspection, utilizing a combination of materials from caulk, to copper wire mesh, to expanding foam. Rest assured, we’ll tell you if we discover a gaping hole or construction-related issue that we can’t seal.

#3 Installation of a Rodent Bait Station. Once entry points are sealed from the exterior, it is a necessary part of any successful rodent treatment plan to maintain mice and rat populations from the exterior, utilizing a specialized & tamper-resistant bait station.

#4 Interior/Exterior Rodent Treatment. During this key stage of treatment, our licensed pest control professional will use a combination of products proven effective to treat for mice or rats where they are active inside your home.

#5 Follow-up Inspection and Treatment. We understand that multiple treatments are a necessary factor in the complete eradication of mice or rats from inside your home—which is why we’ve built them into our service plans. Additional services calls are always included in our premium pest control plans.