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All kinds of homes and businesses in Maryland can be affected by pest infestations, even in Joppatowne, MD. American Pest is available for true pest protection in the area. Our teams of pest professionals will examine all the areas of your home or business to administer the proper protection techniques to clear out any current infestations while preventing future invasions for a long time. 

Why American Pest offers Joppatowne, MD the best service

Since 1925, American Pest has been committed to using the latest pest control technologies to deliver the best pest management services to our customers. We have been committed to staying with the times as a modern company. For this reason, we keep raising our hiring standards for our pest professionals and customer care representatives to ensure the quality of our services. 

In recent years, we have made another commitment to protecting the environment. For this reason, we have trained our pest professionals to practice safe pest control. Safe pest control can only be achieved by making sure the areas we service remain safe for humans and pets while reducing environmental damage. 

Our exterminators keep to this commitment by implementing applied Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques that use EPA-approved products. This way we can reduce the damage left by typical pesticides, protect humans and pets, and keep pest species away from your home or business.

American Pest cleans up pest control problems in Joppatowne, MD

The state of Maryland has over thirty different types of pest species that we protect against. Some of these pests are capable of bringing illnesses and diseases, like rodents, ticks and mosquitoes, while others can cause significant structural damage if left alone, like termites, cockroaches and bed bugs. Some of the other types of pests we cover include wasps, hornets, spiders, flies, and ants.

Our coverage does not only extend to protecting residential areas. We also help businesses stay safe from pest invasions. Our SMART monitoring system is fully capable of keeping mice and rats away from your home or business by notifying us of incoming rodent problems. Our pest professionals are immediately notified of problems at the start, so they can come up with a proper solution and act swiftly to remove them.

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Our services can be split and combined in various packages that have different ranges of coverage. This enables us to be available to work with every pest at every budget. Here are some of our home service packages you can choose from:

  • SMART Preferred Care Complete Pest Control + Sentricon AlwaysActive
  • SMART Preferred Care Plus Pest Control
  • SMART Preferred Care Pest Control
  • Mosquito & Tick Control Programs

American Pest caters to Joppatowne, MD’s best businesses

Pests can be a big problem for businesses, causing damage to property and equipment and posing a health hazard to employees and customers. American Pest offers a comprehensive pest management service that can help businesses in any industry keep their premises free of pests. 

We have experience dealing with pests in a wide range of commercial environments, from hospitals and schools to hotels and restaurants. Our team of qualified professionals will work with you to assess your individual needs and develop a pest control plan that is tailored to your business. We also offer advice on preventive measures that can help to keep pests away in the future