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At American Pest, we are proud to offer effective, affordable pest control services to homeowners and businesses in Summerfield, MD. Our professional team has years of experience and extensive knowledge of the local environment, allowing us to pinpoint and eliminate common pests such as mosquitoes, ants, termites, and bed bugs.

Whether you are dealing with a small infestation or a severe pest problem that requires immediate attention, we have the skills and resources needed to get the job done. Our solutions are designed not only to address your current pest issue, but also to prevent new pests from entering your home or business in the future. 

Why Summerfield, MD Should Trust American Pest

American Pest has been offering top-of-the-line pest control solutions since 1925, earning the elite status of being one of the oldest, premier family-owned companies in the nation. We are a modern company and have updated our hiring practices, training methodology, and pest control practices to ensure you get the best service possible. 

We make sure our exterminators get qualified to practice safe pest control. Then, we drill it into our pest professionals to keep the environment around your home or business safe for both people and pets while keeping pests away from your home. Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques with EPA-approved products promotes reduced harmful pesticides. 

How American Pest Resolves Pest Control Problems

Pests coming into your home or business poses a major issue for the well-being of the property and the people within. Pests coming into your home invite the risk of causing damage directly to the home or business or to the physical well-being of the people in your home. 

Pests like bees, termites, or ants can hollow out important structures in your home or business and cause them to weaken and make them more susceptible to collapse. Other kinds of pests are capable of spreading infectious diseases that people may not be protected from in most cases. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, and rodents can contaminate food sources or directly infect people. 

To keep your home/business safe from invaders that affect the sanctity of your home and the people within, American Pest will go the extra mile. Our pest professionals will set up our SMART and Sentricon systems to look after your home and protect against future pest infestations by preventing them from becoming a major issue.  

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Protect Your Home with American Pest

We cover all types of home services with our Preferred Care service packages. These can be tailored and combined to make sure you get the best protection you need, regardless of budget. All of our Preferred Care packages include exterior treatments, our pest-free pledge, and 24/7 assistance and support.

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  • SMART Preferred Care Pest Control
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By choosing to go with our SMART system, you choose the best preventive pest control measures. We look after the different parts of your home to make sure rodent pests cannot establish themselves in the home. Our pest professionals are immediately notified of rodent presence and enact a strategy to remove them as quickly as possible.

Businesses in Summerfield, MD Work with American Pest 

Pest control is no longer a concern for businesses in Summerfield MD. Thanks to our comprehensive services tailored specifically to the needs of businesses in any industry, we can help you take back your workspace from troublesome pests. 

Whether you're in the hospitality, food management, healthcare, or event planning fields, we have the expertise and flexibility to provide the customized solutions you need to keep your business running smoothly.