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Pests can harm both residential and business areas, especially in the area of Glassmanor, MD. Next to the Potomac River, Glassmanor has many open areas and is an excellent place for many kinds of pests to procreate. However, American Pest's services strive to protect Glassmanor, MD's residents.

American Pest looks into the most hidden areas of your home or business to make sure there are no pest infestations present. Our qualified pest professionals work hard, so pests don’t cause you any more problems, now or in the future. With our protection, you can keep your peace of mind in Glassmanor.

Effective Pest Control Solutions in Glassmanor, MD

Pests in Glassmanor, MD, are capable of causing both structural damage and bringing disease into your home. Termites, ants, and bees will eat into the walls and other vital structures in your home or business, weakening the overall structure of your home. 

Other pests like rats, mice, cockroaches, and flies will disease into your home and jeopardize the health and wellbeing of the people on the premises. 

Our SMART monitoring System keeps your home safe from any potential pest infestations that come in the future. Our system ensures that our pest professionals are informed immediately if a rodent pest is first noticed and take immediate action to remove the threat. 

About American Pest

American Pest has been offering top-of-the-line pest control solutions since 1925, earning the elite status of being one of the oldest, premier family-owned companies in the nation. We are a modern company and have updated our hiring practices, training methodology, and pest control practices to ensure you get the best service possible. 

We make sure our exterminators get qualified to practice safe pest control. Then, we drill it into our pest professionals to keep the environment around your home or business safe for both people and pets while keeping pests away from your home. Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques with EPA-approved products promotes reduced harmful pesticides. 

We serve Glassmanor and surrounding areas

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Get an Ongoing Pest Plan in Glassmanor, MD

We have different packages available for every budget and situation, allowing homes to only pay for the services they need. Following are some of the packages

  • SMART Preferred Care Complete Pest Control + Sentricon AlwaysActive
  • SMART Preferred Care Plus Pest Control
  • SMART Preferred Care Pest Control
  • Mosquito & Tick Control Programs

Businesses Enjoy American Pest’s Services

Pests can be a major problem for businesses, causing damage to property and posing a health hazard to employees and customers. American Pest offers comprehensive pest management services that can keep your business pest-free. We have experience working with businesses in a variety of industries, and our team is familiar with the unique challenges that each sector faces. 

We offer customized pest control plans that are designed to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you're in the hospitality industry or the healthcare sector, we can help you keep your premises free of pests.