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Mount Vernon Square, DC is a historic neighborhood that is home to such historical buildings as Carnegie Library.  Since 1925, American Pest has established the benchmark for pest management services in historic Mount Vernon Square, DC. We have concentrated on creating the best methods and procedures for removing pests from your home swiftly, securely, and effectively. Our customer care services have also been refined to provide you peace of mind when pests attack. 

Our NPMA-accredited experienced pest professionals examine your pest problem and then offer non-toxic solutions to rid your property of pests, from residential to commercial properties! American Pest's EPA-approved treatments enable effective eradication without harming the health of guests, including dogs, who may be present.

Why Pick American Pest Exterminators

Over 30,000+ homes and businesses in the Maryland region have relied on American Pest for years to provide great customer service and pest treatment. The combination of our SMART pest control methods and green, sustainable, and innovative technology makes us the top exterminators in Mount Vernon Square DC. 

Along with refining our methods through years of labor, we expanded by utilizing new items and technologies. For instance, our EPA-approved Anticimex SMART products provide you with year-round eco-friendly service that successfully gets rid of and avoids pests while having less of an adverse effect on the environment.

Improved Pest Control Methods to Address All Pest Issues

All DC pests have the potential to injure you, your home, or your workplace. The types of harm caused by bug infestations differ depending on the species. 

Some species are capable of directly inflicting property damage by chewing through important structures, diminishing the building's stability, and raising the probability of collapse. The pest species most likely to engage in this behavior include termites, ants, and bees. We recommend installing our Sentricon Termite Removal System. Using AlwaysActive technology, this gadget actively solves the problem by continually attracting termites and other pests with bait and transporting them to the queen and colony.

Infectious diseases are also prone to spread during pest outbreaks. These pests can transmit a variety of diseases against which you might not be protected by polluting significant common spaces or supplies in your house or place of business. These diseases are transmitted by the likes of rats, cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes. 

With our SMART monitoring system, rodent pests are no longer a concern. With the help of this system, we can keep an eye on several sections of your house and keep an eye out for visiting rats. When we learn that a pest has arrived, we act promptly to remove it before the house is in any danger.

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You are protected from over thirty types of pests because we are on call around the clock, every day of the year. Our SMART Preferred Care packages include a variety of services, including active monitoring and crucial pest control. Because each infestation is the same, we created customized Preferred Care regimens for each circumstance.

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American Pest can safeguard your establishment in Mount Vernon Square, DC

The last thing you need when working is for a client to notice an unwanted bug. Customers entering a gym might not want to witness spiders or cockroaches darting about the changing area. In the same vein, you wouldn't want one of your workers to suffer insect damage while on the job! American Pest offers cost-effective programs for any firm, in any industry, and offers pest management services for the commercial sector.