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Howard University is an HBCU in a historic part of Washington DC, among all that history and the many historic buildings it can be easy to find yourselves unintentionally sharing space with rats and mice, or insect pests like ants, cockroaches, or termites. When you first see signs of these insects or rodents, call or request a free estimate from one of our pest professionals. We have EPA-approved green pest control solutions that are both safe for humans and pets and effective at getting rid of pests.

Better yet, with our pest-free pledge, we promise our preferred care customer that pests are going to stay away, and in case they come back, we will deal with them at no additional cost. 

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Year-round Pest Control for your Home near Howard University, DC

Students may spend time away on breaks, but the many pests that could trouble you at home don’t, so neither do we at American Pest. We operate year-round to make sure we’re ready to solve your pest problems before they have a chance to grow into larger ones. This is part of our commitment to preventative pest control, smart, effective, and efficient pest control measures that can target smaller pest problems before they have a chance to grow into larger ones.

It can be easy to avoid the thought of dealing with pests, but if left unchecked, those pests can cause structural damage, contaminate food, provoke allergy attacks, or in the worst cases act as a vector for disease. It doesn’t take a Howard University student to see the benefits American Pest offers, but we hope you’re as smart as one to see what those benefits could do for you.