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The city of Hyattsville offers a great suburban atmosphere for those looking for a place to live in the state of Maryland. The community is close-knit, there are many activities in the community, and with Washington DC next to it, there is a lot of job accessibility in the area.

American Pest is up for the job to take care of the pest issues in your home. American Pest’s pest professionals go through the dark, lonely areas of your home and make sure no unwanted visitors have made themselves at home. In addition, we root out any current pest problems and protect against future ones.

Why American Pest is the Best Option

We offer the best possible services in the area and the industry. For example, we have updated how we train our pest professionals and have them use the latest technological innovations with EPA-approved products to ensure reduced environmental damage. In addition, our exterminators practice safe pest control using applied Integrated Pest Management, ensuring that your home or business is in a condition safe for humans and pets. 

Hyattsville, MD is protected with SMART Pest Control

American Pest can protect against over thirty different pest species in the area. Unfortunately, some of these pests are capable of causing structural damage or bringing illnesses into your home, like rodents.

Our SMART monitoring system is the perfect solution. This system works with sensors that are placed in strategic areas where rodents tend to visit, and immediately informs our pest professionals as soon as it detects any activity. This way, we can strategize the best solution and act immediately to remove any pest presence without you having to worry about it. With our SMART system, you can be confident that your home will be free of pests in no time.

We serve Hyattsville and surrounding areas

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Hyattsville, MD is safe with American Pest

Our services can be split and combined in various packages that have different ranges of coverage. This enables us to be available to work with every pest at every budget. Here are some of our home service packages you can choose from:

  • SMART Preferred Care Complete Pest Control + Sentricon AlwaysActive
  • SMART Preferred Care Plus Pest Control
  • SMART Preferred Care Pest Control
  • Mosquito & Tick Control Programs

Hyattsville, MD’s Best Businesses Can Use American Pest

American Pest does not only cover homes. We also offer multiple industry services for any business in any industry. So now you don’t have to worry about pest problems affecting your business.