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Berkley, DC is a quaint neighborhood tucked in a tranquil part of DC and is an ideal place to raise a family or retire. Since 1925, American Pest has been establishing the benchmark for pest control services in Berkley, DC. 

We have concentrated on creating the best methods and procedures for removing pests from your home swiftly, securely, and effectively. Our customer care services have also been refined to provide you peace of mind when pests attack. 

From residential to commercial premises, our NPMA accredited trained pest specialists analyze your pest problem and then offer non-toxic countermeasures to rid your property of pests! The EPA-approved treatments from American Pest provide you with efficient eradication without endangering the health of visitors, including dogs, who may be present.

In Berkley, DC why pick American Pest Exterminators?

Many homes and businesses in the DC region have relied on American Pest for years to provide great customer service and pest treatment. We are the top exterminators in Berkley, DC thanks to our green, sustainable, and cutting-edge technology, which we pair with our SMART pest control solutions to preserve the Chesapeake Bay friendly. 

We expanded by utilizing new items and technologies and refining our methods through years of labor. Our SMART trapping system is an eco-friendly alternative that gets rid of mice and prevents future infestations. 

This system is installed by one of our pest experts, who will seal all the entry points and identify the areas where they are active. Then, he'll place smart traps in those places where we know there’s mouse activity, and install the sensors in strategic and hard to reach places so we can stay on top of any sign of activity. 

All the devices are interconnected and send automatic alerts to our pest experts, so we can not only trap the rodents that are already inside but also stay proactive and prevent infestations by monitoring their activity. With this SMART system, we can quickly and effectively exterminate mice and rats from your home or business.

We want to make sure that future problems are prevented, thus fixing the current issue alone is not sufficient. To halt your pest problem and safeguard your house against further infestations, we offer Preferred Care home pest control services and plans.

What Can I Expect From American Pest?

Numerous circumstances can attract pests to your home. American Pest offers homeowners high-quality pest control services ranging from ant and rodent control to termite, mosquito, and bed bug management. Spiders, flies, cockroaches, ticks, and silverfish are also eliminated. 

Our protection services extend beyond household care to commercial premises, allowing you and your workers to work in a pest-free environment.

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Everyone Can Get American Pest in Berkley, DC

With our service and customer care, American Pest tries to differentiate itself from other pest control businesses in Maryland, but we are so much more. To provide you alternatives for any pest on any budget, we have designed Preferred Care packages that are ideal for homes and businesses since we care so much about the experiences of our clients. 

Home pest control is available in a variety of forms and packages that are suitable for everyone, but it doesn't simply protect homes. Hotels, restaurants, real estate agencies, warehouse operations, and more businesses are all eligible for protection!

Try Our Year-round SMART Pest Control Services

Our SMART Preferred Care packages include a variety of services, including active monitoring and crucial pest control. Because each infestation is the same, we created customized Preferred Care regimens for each circumstance.

  • SMART Preferred Care Complete Pest Control + Sentricon AlwaysActive
  • SMART Preferred Care Plus Pest Control
  • SMART Preferred Care Pest Control
  • Mosquito & Tick Control Programs

These pest control treatments are provided by American Pest in Berkley, DC along with preventative measures for your home through our SMART monitoring system. If there is a possible infestation, our pest control experts will be alerted and will implement the best approach to stop it from spreading and ensure it doesn't happen again.