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Cascades, VA, a Washington, DC suburb, is ideal for families that like the fresh air while being close to a bustling metropolis. What could threaten this mother nature paradise? It’s the vermin that Cascade, VA homeowners are fighting a losing battle against. 

Since 1925, American Pest has taken the sting out of the struggle. Our qualified pest specialists inspect every scenario, from personal houses to commercial premises, and then design countermeasures to keep pests at bay. Our mission is to provide safe pest treatment while providing excellent customer service to give you peace of mind all year.

Why Choose American Pest Exterminators in Cascades, VA

You are choosing to accept only the best services available in your community and the industry when you pick American Pest. 

Since 1925, more than 30,000 households and businesses all around the state have relied on us for our high-quality care and technologically advanced services. As one of the top exterminators in Cascades, VA, we combine cutting-edge technology, like our SMART pest control solutions, with sustainable practices.

To guarantee less environmental harm, our pest technicians are educated and licensed in EPA-approved pest control methods. They also use applicable Integrated Pest Management to conduct safe pest management, guaranteeing the continued pet- and human safety of your house or place of work. 

The Anticimex SMART products from American Pest are environmentally benign, so our year-round EPA-approved service is safe for clients' homes, their loved ones, and their possessions. Our Preferred Care home pest control plans and services may not only get rid of bothersome invaders from your house, but they can also guard it against further infestations.

American Pest Deals with Over 30 Pests in Cascades, VA

In Cascades, VA, pest control is crucial. Over thirty distinct pest species live alongside homes and businesses in Northern Virginia's wooded regions. These pests should not be treated lightly since they can cause year-round damage to homes and businesses. 

Pests like mosquitoes spread diseases that put you, your loved ones, or your staff in danger by contaminating food and high-traffic areas like the kitchen.

The ideal nesting places are walls, columns, and other residential foundations, while other pests like termites, bees, and wasps are typically unnoticed. They erode structural integrity as they dig further into these crucial places. 

We provide several approaches to these and other insect problems in our service packages. We provide our Sentricon Termite Elimination System as an illustration, which enables customers to set up bait that termites will return to their colony and share, eradicating the pests. 

Our SMART monitoring system, a rodent's worst nightmare, is another illustration. Our experts may create a strategy to evict undesirable pests and move rapidly to implement their preventative programs based on the results of this monitoring system.

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We're accessible at every hour of the day, 365 days a year, so you're safe against over 30 pest species. Our SMART Preferred Care packages provide a variety of services ranging from basic pest treatment to active monitoring. 

Every pest problem is different, which is why we designed our Preferred Care solutions to be adaptable to any circumstance.

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American Pest provides quick and long-term pest management in Cascades, VA. Some exterminators are reactive, but we are also proactive, owing to our SMART monitoring system. If a pest specialist detects a possible infestation, they will devise the best strategy to prevent it from spreading or recurring. 

Our mission is to protect you and your family, and our commercial services are designed to offer a pest-free environment to you and your employees safely and effectively.

American Pest Caters to Cascades, VA’s businesses

Businesses who wish to protect their workplaces and avoid epidemics might benefit from our Commercial Pest Control Plans. We keep an eye out for pests that can endanger the safety of our employees and guests. You can concentrate on operating your business while we protect your property. Employees and guests, not six-legged visitors, are welcome in the board and break rooms.