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Landover, MD is a great suburb to live in if you're looking for an affordable place that's still close to Washington, DC. Landover is served by the Blue and Orange lines of the Washington Metrorail system, so it's easy to get into the city for work or play. There are also several large corporate offices located in Landover, which means that there are plenty of job opportunities in the area. 

The cost of living in Landover is relatively low compared to most other suburbs of Washington, DC, which makes it a great choice for families or individuals who are on a budget. 

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Why do American Pest Exterminators stand above the Rest in Landover, MD.?

Best Company announces recipients of the 2022 Best Company Sustainability Award. American Pest received recognition for offering an eco-friendly pest control solution called SMART. We also have accreditation from the National Property Management Association (NPMA). This recognition is for its non-toxic pest solutions and EPA-labeled products. Additionally, American Pest has a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. 

One of our green features is the Anticimex SMART pest control system. This system is non-harmful, non-toxic, low-impact, and EPA-approved

We install sensors throughout your property that detect any rodent activity. Working 24/7/365, the system alerts us about any motion. If the sensors detect motion, an alert goes off at the control center. Our licensed pest professionals know there is an issue and will address it. We know there is a problem before you do. 

American Pest Partners With You in Pest Extermination in Landover, MD.

American Pest is much more than just an exterminator. We are your partner in keeping your home, business, and family safe and sanitary. We’ve created Preferred Care Home Pest Control Service Programs. These Service Programs address your current pest problem and protect your home from future infestations. We have seen the informed and aware residents in Landover, MD. Care for their families, homes, and the environment. American Pest Control protects your family, home, and the environment from pests year-round.

We stand out from other pest control companies. We offer our clients a wealth of specialized pest problem services and provide various options for every pest and budget. In addition, our Preferred Care Plans come with exterior treatment, our own Pest Free Pledge, and 24/7 support and assistance for our clients.