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What can American Pest do for me in Georgetown, DC?

Historic Georgetown sits on the scenic Potomac River, and like many riverfront areas can prove a breeding ground for mosquitoes, cockroaches, and rodents. Many embassies are located in the Georgetown area, and we’d want to help present the cleanest face for America in clearing your homes and businesses of such pests.

Here at American Pest, we make sure our pest professionals provide the best in smart, efficient, and safe pest control for your home or business. Our SMART pest control systems will not only get rid of rats and mice but will act as an early warning measure for if others should come to take their place. These kinds of proactive and preventative pest control measures will make sure to find pest problems when they’re smallest and most easily handled, reducing costs and potential risks overall.

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While many pests may be most active in certain seasons like the spring and early summer, we’re active year-round to help keep your pest problems under control. That level of activity helps us to keep our pest-free pledge to you: If you are enrolled in one of our pest control programs and pests return in between your regular service visits, we will come back and take care of them free of charge. This pledge is just one way that we stand by our results and ensure that our customers are always satisfied.

Whether looking for home best control or professional pest control for your business, American Pest is available whenever you first notice the problem. We’ll provide a free estimate, and we’ll do everything we can to solve the pest problem in a way that’s safest and easiest for you.

Year Round Coverage with American Pest in Georgetown, DC

This kind of year-round coverage helps us at American Pest to provide you with the best in preventative pest control. When acting proactively, preventative pest control will both provide lower-cost solutions, but also have a lower cost in terms of structural damage and impact on the health of an ongoing infestation. In addition, preventative pest control will generally require more efficient solutions than more reactive strategies like fumigation, which can require heavier treatments and time spent away from the site.

Don’t wait until the ant colony is overrunning your kitchen, but call us when you see the first lines of scouts emerging through cracks in your walls. If there’s one cockroach sighted, it’s more than likely it’s not alone. If left unchecked, these pests can multiply and quickly grow out of control. Our customer care representatives will help you schedule a free estimate with one of our pest professionals.